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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here


what is satanic music

Re: music

satanic music would be like nsync and cristina aguilara

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(Deleted comment)

re: comment

to dear christian conforming filth.
your comments on degrading onseself are quite charming , so thank you. If you thought us satanists are self degrading, maybe you should repeat that comment to our faces. for we would just laugh.
god,,,,, a deep believer you say? yes. but no. we have chosen our own paths. a question for you
if god so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son(who had an alliance with the fallen angel "luicifer",then why after his death, supposedly that which destroyed our sins, must we destroy ourselves with all that christian bullshit?????? ?????? ??????. think about it? are you a scholar or are you an eater of ones own words, no?.
a "perfect" god, creates an imperfect world..... gives thew ones he loves the most the choice to die? . by default,. god is not saviour. ... the christian man when hit in the face, turs the cheek and asks for more.... is this not the same priciple of the spaniel, once kicked. do we deserve this punishment.. no . we do not turn the other cheek. we give back tenfold, because self presevation is all. "love your enemy" ????what is this..... my dear and unfortunate idiot, would you love the blood smitten jaws of a shark that kills your wife or child. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my comment

as a Christian, I have a strong, very strong faith in God, that He exists and that He loves me. Maybe I cannot show you a physical proof that God really exists (I can say I, myself, am a proof), but I can never prove that He does not exist, and neither can you. Contemplate on this, scientists says the universe started in a Big Bang, but until today, they still haven't discovered what happened before that big bang. Who could have possibly started it? God. There would never be other answers. And by the way, can I just ask you, do you believe in heaven or hell? If you do, where would possibly end up when you die, after doing these thing in your life? If you don't, where would you go after you die? Gone, just like that? Let me tell you something, God love you, and He had promised heaven. If you just cling on that idea, you'll have a better life, I tell you. Ok, that's all. PS. read the Bible *thoroughly*.


Etc. It's not as simple as you say, and, atheism is more sensible than theism, as I explain on the pages above.

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Re: my comment (Anonymous) Expand
Before i found Myself in Satanism, I wondered around the earth just like all the other comatose morons out there. praying to something that wasn't listening, and hoping for a so called "miracle." bullshit. now that i have proof that something, someone is out there listening to me, and granting my needs. i can relax and know tha i am satanist! bow down to me for i am the most powerful of beings!

simple minded

You are a simple minded, easy way outter, follower. The only people that are going to be bowing down to you are your closest friends and family who you drag down to hell with you, as they are in pain and feeling sorrow for eternity, asking you why you had to fill their minds with doubts like the evil, and fallen angel Satin. IF you can live with that non ending, for ever and ever and ever, then you have a lot more that you have to work out than becoming a new Satonist. You have no power over anyone but yourself. Which by the way it looks like you can't even control that. May God be with you- you'll be in my prayers!

vexen, i would fuck your brains out if i could.

the struggle between light and darkness

very interesting site . im a practicing exponent of the darker side of things and have always known myself to be from an early age.

Re: the struggle between light and darkness

heya vexen, your essay is great and i know a lot more about satanism now that i didn't know before! I know im definately not a christian , the idea of killing god is exciting and the whole ritual thing absolutely rocks, i love the idea of becoming a satanist but i dont know how to start, do i just call myself one or do i have to do something first , please tell me how to become a satanist because i want to have a religion (or more appropriatley, - unreligion) at last! thanks xx


satan's greatest accomplishment,is to convince the world he does not exists. I love you.

Re: read

boy all the faith you Christians place oin Satan, all your fear of him, It's weird that you call yourselves "CHRIST-ians".

Bill Baker

Written by a believer in Allah

I think in a few lines I will refute the ludicrous theories made by the bad typist and fake clumsy writer. First of all you are not a real writer. A real writer makes sense. You do not.

"All good is derived from evil" and "Evil would exist even without good"

Well the flaw in this theory is that by fact, Satan was created by God, and God (goodness existed before Satan) and is free of needing Satan to exist. Satan is only alive by God's Will. God would exist without Satan, but Satan admits to his failure, and his promise of doom, and with his lonely "individualism" thinking, accepts that he is alone, and he can only promise loneliness, and no hope. Self dependence is a mythical ideology. No one can survive alone, even those pretending to survive alone, by isolating themselves from society, and not going to work and going on welfare and sitting at home, have the government, and people's taxes to depend on to feed them. Just as the person who goes to work on a daily basis and interacts with other people depends on someone to hire him/her, and depends on the cooperation of co-workers etc, just as the entrepreneur who expresses his/her talent, and depends on the audience for acceptance, is dependent on others.

Your misuse of the terms "individualism" the ideal that attracts immigrants to the West, his a cheap play. Individualism is not Satanic rather it is incorporated in uniqueness, and uniqueness moves away from ordinariness, if Satanism claims to be the honest acceptance of man's true evil animal nature, than it does not fall under uniqueness or individualism, rather abstinence and restraint from the evils of human desires would fall under individualism, because it moves away from the ordinary. People are evil by nature not good by nature that part you got right. But Satanism has nothing to do with individualism, it is human nature, and human nature - evilness is apparent everywhere, there is nothing special about it.

I am refuting this in response to the theories i read at the Church of Satan site. These are just two very obvious stupid and clumsy theories by the clever devil, that is what it comes down to picking up on his lies, and errors, and bad writing that expose his false and misleading play of words to seem what he is not.

Re: Written by a believer in Allah

indeed my friend, i agree.

one quote would be

"the devil can site scripture for his purpose"
(the merchant of venice - W. Shakespeare)

I think it should also be noted that the christian church used the concept of 'the devil' when converting the 'heretics'. This si done under the pretext that it is much easier to believe that ther are evil forces at work than there are good forces, eg. my cow died - that damned devil!!!! and then from these point it is easy work to "prove" that there is good, i mean god.

this may be non sequitur but it leads me to the questin of good and evil which above is argued from oppisite ends of the spectrum. I find that i am in the middle of the two points; good cannot exist without evil; i justify this by saying; what is religion anyway, in truth it is a system or code layed down for its followers to live by. - the ten commandments, most of the Qu'ran etc. but for there to be rules to abide by there have to ways of breaking them. Evil cannot exist without good on the same concept but in reverse, you need to hav somethin to compare youre actions with to classify them as good or evil.


Allah uh Akbar. = )

Response to reading

Nice work. This is very informative. Ive always shared the views you expressed but could never really put a finger on them. Your page has given me some enlightenment. Keep up the good work.

the symbol

Hey, this my first time to visit your site, or any other 'satanist' site, i just felt I needed to know more about the subject. I havent read everything but my perusement has got me interested in the subject. I will not make serious points until i have read more of your essays etc. but my first question is about the symbol; i read here that the goats head is the accepted symbol of the satan, and that this comes from the christian dogma, but I found that the christians actually used this symbol because baphomet was the god of fertility in ?greek? theology (sorry, i need to do some learning on that point) and up to recently (actually including recently) sex has been a taboo for most christian sects (generaly regarded to be a root of evil despite the obvious problems that arise of getting more followers - hence confession i suppose). So they used the goat head of baphomet as the symbol of the devil. But my point is; does it really make sense for you as 'prosexuals' to use this anti-sex symbol to represent your ideas/ethics/religion etc.?

My preconceptions may be wildy inaccurate here but help me out.


i found this site by accident and i have been asking questions all my life without getting any answers because i wasn't asking myself i wasnt living my life with the knowledge and acceptance of death which is inevitable and the carnal nature of life....
thankyou for giving me something substantial to think about and grasp.

open for debate

first of all i like to congrad u on the effort on creating the site, you hav obvisouly put alot of thought into it.

i have grown up in a christan family and have gone to catholic schools all my schooling life, and this beleif system that i have been taught many times just doesnt make sense to me

a few of the things i have read on your site make sense like "good relies on evil" how love is really a selfish desire

but what is it that defines what is "good" and what is "evil", isnt it society that defines what is acceptable and therefore what is "good". "good" can be different in different societies and who are we to say that we are right and the other society is wrong. i think the whole concept of good and evil is just ridiculous

your belief system as you call it (what ive read) confuses me. you dont believe in a God of any kind which is fairenough but instead diliberately mock other religions and their beliefs through the use of symbols and anti-christan slogans. please tell me how this childish behavior is any different except that you have put more effort into it, then to the anonymous poster who responses basiclly by yelling that "UR GAY"

(i am no way in league with this brainless / mindwashed person that has been posting "UR GAY", i frankly think his an idiot)

Thank you

I am not a satanist, I am not a christian, I do not believe in one particular faith, I am open minded and like to bring in aspects of many different religions to my beliefs.
It annoys me so much when I get evil looks from people when I say that the "religion" I possibly believe in most is satanism, apart from one very spiritual friend who is as open minded as me.
It frustrates me how people put the term "devil worshipper" on satanists, people cannot understand that satan is not a deity or even real. It is just a name that Christians have assumed to be Lucifer. One term sticks out in my mind that is part of my beliefs (to an extent) This is not exactley how the phrase is but it is along these lines, live each day as if it were your last 'as there is no redeemer'. I dont know there may or may not be a redeemer but as far as im concerned I dont want to take any chances thus I live my life as if there were no redeemer.
The point is I wish people would wise up open their narrow minds and realise that satanism isnt about evil and devil worshipping but they actually have many valid points of discussion and some thoughtful ways of improving your life and feeling much happier about yourself.

In some ways if I have said something wrong or out of place I am sorry to have offended anyone.


Breath and understanding

I am Satan. How oft I played this lyre to an absorbed audience, how oft they presumed to know the truth. How funny was their conjecture. The music of time erases the darkness, the light befouls the mystery of incomprehensibility. I am a fool in the rough.

-Ziggy, a fluid solid

From a Universist/reasonist

Hey there.
First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill, I am a 26 year old student. I am an apostate of the disgusting one way-ist/revealed Christian faith. After I left the faith, I discovered Deism{the belief in a distant/non-personal watchmaker Creator whom/what made the Omni-verse,wound it up, and let it run on the natural laws set in place; There is no devil, there may or may not be a heaven or a hell, there may or may not be a afterlife, morals are relative and subjective in context of whoever or whatever the time,place and person and event,etc; REASON is the ultimate goal; the Uni/omni-verse is the only "word" or handwriting of whatever made us= www.deism.org www.deism.com www.deistnet.com and for a humours and interesting take on the Christyian genesis and the fall of BIBLE-DEVIL and him cast in better light, http://www.deism.org/genesisreweite.htm}, soon Pantheism started to make sense to me as well{the omni-verse and deity are one in the same-we are part of that so collectively we are "deity"} , Before long I discovered UNIVERSISM{a rationalist pseudo-religion/umbrella social movement to unite freethinkers such as atheists,agnostics,deists,pantheists,trancendentalists,secular humanists,etc}= www.universist.org and it's sister site www.faithless.org. Universism has as one of it's main goals to fight "faith" and "theistic" religions, and especially Abrahamic faith. It has much in common w/Satanism, except for perhaps a couple principles{of course, Universism is like Satanism, highly individualistic and open to personal interpretations}.

I've been researching Satanism as of late, and find myself more and more intrigued by it. Much of what I'm finding makes a hell of a lot of sense to me. I'm still reluctant to give up on Deistic and Pantheistic ideas{or my interpretation of them anyways} and therefore am still Universist; not for faith in or fear of these versions of "god/deity/creator/etc"-but rather purely out of intellectual convincing, I cannot perceive the omni-verse as not having a Designer{or at the least-being it's own designer and itself alive and amoral but imbued w/energies of positiveness and helpfullness as well as harmfulness; perhaps from both the deistic and pantheist standpoint the harmful energies are just theer as part of beeing made imperfect; I don't know, and neither does it really matter to me, as it's all speculation}.

I explain all this because I'm very curiuos as to what The Satanists standpoint on the Deistic and Pantheistic view of divinty/deity is. I'm especially curiuos to know what you think of Deism. Because it is not much more than atheism and agnosticism in moral and philosophical though, but it's adherents have a difficult time not seeing design to the Universe and therefore concluding that there is a distant and unknown and non=personal entity or force that designed it all.
Much like yourselves, deists{and rationalist pantheists} are relativistic and individualistic in every pretty much every respect.
Deists are enormous enemies of revealed religions like the Abrahamic ones and especially Christianity; it was from the enlightenment{Lucifer} that Deists were birthed from as a philosophy; as you are probably aware-many of the founding fathers of the U.S. were Deists, Thomas Paine especially, whom produced a scathing assault of a book on revealed religion and Christianity entitled "Age of Reason", and Deists were largely responsible for the "separation of Church and State" part of the laws.

Do Satanists view Deism more favorably than theisms? I'm just curious.
Could one possibly be Deistic in personally seeing design and intellectually concluding a designer of some sorts{whether a beeing, a force, or an energy} exists, and yet also be Satanist?

Anyways, thanks for taking time to read this and considering my questions.

take care.
with respect:

Bill Baker

{if someone could email me and let me know the answers to these questions, I'd greatly appreciate it}

You can visit my anti-Christianity site/blog,"the Iconoclast Project":

Re: From a Universist/reasonist

Thanks for the discourse... I am aware of Deism and love the deism website you linked.

I also like pantheism... I got a Pantheism page on the Satanism website too... http://www.dpjs.co.uk/pan.html (excuse the pun, "pan" being a demonized god)