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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here


Given that gods do not exist, we're all already Satanists.

LOOK, U HAVE JUST CONTRADICTED YOURSELF. MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ THE BIBLE... OR JUST THINK A LITTLE BIT HARDER WHY U CONSIDER YOURSELF A SATANIST. IN ORDER TO PROCLAIM YOU AS ONE, U HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ARE DENYING (god). Satan is a representation of evil while God is all the good things. If u are refusing God, then you think that there's nothing good on this world, right? good vs evil is a dialectic, if one of those doesn't exist, then the other neither does.

Which God are you talking about?

Because YOU deny Allah, or Ahura Mazda, or the Hindu Gods, does that make YOU a Satanist? Or are people only Satanists when they deny YOUR God?

If you believe that people who deny some gods are Christians, why do you believe that those who deny others gods, including yours, are Satanists? Where's the logic?

Good and Evil one more time

There is good and there is evil. duality exists, they are complementary of each other rather than opposites. duality is a characteristic of living in a material world. Matter follows this path. It is called the second law of thermodynamics.
God has nothing to do with creating evil, but rather He is the embodiment of peace, bliss, happiness.
Resentment and being reactionary don't lead us any place. Religions have their purpose in this drama plan which we call life. God didn't write any books and to believe that one book is "sacred" is obviously just a matter of believe.
Every human being has different capacities of understanding, the concept of "everyone is equal" is not true. Some have better understanding than others... As we know we are predestined.
God is there, He is a detached observer of our history, our own drama. It is nothing he can do unless we recognize who He is and who we are.
We are souls and not bodies. The soul feels. Reasoning is a characteristic of a soul. God is another soul. It is a subtle aspect which doesn't deal with matter or what our senses can perceive. Humans talk about "reality", what reality? if what you perceive is your reality, it is not mine. It is time to realize that we humans don't know anything about the world. We don't know how we appeared, we don't know who we are, we don't know what is the purpose of existence... what do we know? If just a "theory" makes you happy. Be my guest. If someone latest idea, makes you happy... good for you!
There is no a single human who has knowledge. We can praise them, worship them .. it doesn't matter, still a human. It is obvious that man has been searching for God. There is suffering. We only remember him when we suffer. We can never pretend to search something that we didn't know we had. God exists. Why can't I see him, talk to him? becasue He is not a bodily being.
science only knows about material things, it is not ready to study something else yet and even here science doesn't know much (quantum physics?). How come fortune tellers exist? ghosts? nostradamus? miracles? telepathy? ESP? etc, etc.. science cannot reproduce these in the lab...just like Socrates realized the first thing in the pursuit of knowledge is to become humble, to be humble of the recognition of our ignorance.
Traveling to the moon, doesn't mean a thing if you don't know who you are and what is the purpose of this all which we call life, if you still see suffering in yor own home.
It is time to "unlearn" a bit. Feelings is the language of souls.

Re: Good and Evil one more time

Fortune Tellers exist to steal your money...ghosts do not exist..Nostradamus made money off his seeing into the future. NO miracle has ever been proven...telepathy and ESP are bullshit..Watch the showtime program..."BULLSHIT"

Any belief/religious system that is not of the one and only true God (Christian God), is of Satan and his satanic plan to divert all away from the one and true God. If you think of all the different religions, belief systems, etc. ... you can see Satan is doing a good job. You see, all Satanic/False religions came from the very FIRST false religion (The Tower of Babble). That was the seed of false religions that has spread throughout the world. Get a religious history book (or whatever) and you will see that I'm exactly right. It just all adds up. I pray all of you come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and come to know the one and only true God.

Jesus has never and will never speak to me...as you may know...he died many many years ago

Anyone who follows such rediculous anti-scientific bullshit like Christianity, Islam..or even if you are very lost..Satanism...needs years and years of intense therapy.

satan is within us

satan is not a god,satan is not a human...satan is just a word given to a man who is folish...satan you know do not exist!

fuck them

satan?God?i've never seen them!I never heared thier voices!If we worship them,would they help us?Would they hear us?I don't know....They can't even speak with their own...they are only made by people who want to fuck with us,do not let them fuck you...they never exist...i exist,you exist,I am the god and the satan,you are the god and the satan..(",)john onipoc!!


you say you dont belive in god but you tell someone to have a conversation with God whatever . there is no God . that person should just relaize that no one is better then anyone else inculding themselfs and stop being a hypocrite

I know this question can't really have a definite answer, but do you think one who follows the ways of Satanism and leads a good life can still go to Heaven?

Of course it can have a definate answer:


Because there is no such thing as "heaven".

silly sounds better

haha.. i'm truely sorry.. i don't mean any disrespect to anyone's values whatsoever.. but this is the dumbest article i've ever come across. Seriously. It's just plain silly. Makes a good laugh though. I really wonder how ppl could be so stupid to actually believe in what's written.
"..something that basically doesn't exist except as an emotional attachment and personal dream." that's exactly what is it.. the entire concept. it's just a stupid idea or dream. haha.. really haha..

My appologies once again.

Help me out!

Hey, im doing an assignment on Satanism for school. If anyone knows any good sights or anyone wants to answer a few questions i have please email me at westside_babe666@hotmail.com . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Brutal Truth about Satan

Who is Satan??
A defeated angel who was cast from heaven as he had tried to overthrow it and is now trying to drag all of mankind down to hell with him.
You satanists are so weak and brainwashed that you don't even see what's coming, do you?!
I absolutely dare any of you to try to picture yourself after death of where you as a soul will be and ask yourself if you'll make it to heaven as a satanist.
Evil is not allowed in heaven and neither are those who choose to reject a loving God who cares about you enough to sacrifice his son on a cross just to save your sorry butts!
Jesus Christ died for ALL of us, even for those who continue to reject him and choose to worship an evil entity who hates your guts and has the only interest of misleading you to burn in hell with him!!
Does that make sense to any of you??
Do you all seriously want to burn in a world wide ocean of fire?!
Ask yourself that question!!
It would be like any of volunteering to pour gasoline all overself and then set yourself on fire, except the lake of fire is a millions more time hotter than of average fire. This is EXACTLY what you are all doing by not only worshiping a fallen angel who hates your guts but also just being in this demonic website that is hosted by someone who is slave to satan himself.
None of you can deny the existence of God and Christ weither you wil all admit it or not, because God created Satan but satan chose to turn against God and look where it got him.
But Vexen Crabtree, Christ decided to be tortured and die for YOU too.
REMEMBER THAT the next time you decide to murder souls by advising lost people on how to give their souls to satan!!

Love is the only truth, without it we can never have true happiness. Love God, Love your neighbor, Love yourselves. This ideal of holding things above God and true Love is the heart of the ignorance you claim to renounce. The man who commits suicide after winning the lottery does so because no amount of money can replace love. The man who gains the world but loses his soul is a fool. No man dies saying I wish I would have worked longer. Instead they say I wish I would have loved more. I love you as does God. God has not given up on you. I will pray for you.

smart atheist :)

i read the essay , and its beautifull and smart and inspiring ,
im an atheist, i live by the principals of what you call satanism , and the thing that made me realate is the fact that you call yourselves satanists , but you just are atheists with a working brain :) unlike boudhism u dont wish to be like satan you dont even believe the being satan exists , only the concept , u use the term satanism to criticise religion , while atheism does the same .

i dont know if this site is still alive but if it is and you see this comment i would be really glad if you could reply to dogme84@gmail.com
im an israelly art student and im trying to write a script based on faust wich i find hard because i have no way of personifying mefistopholes because i just cant grasp it as more than a tempting name

good day and thank u


lol this whole website is retarded. God convicts people of sin and this whole website is proof. It will just strengthen my Christianity and you can believe your lies the way you want to, but the world is coming to an end and prophesy will be fulfilled like it has been in the past and in the end Death and Hell will be cast into the lake of fire.

Very interesting stuff..

Indeed!! I was just reading the essay, and decided I had to leave a comment.

I have been Wiccan since 1996, and did the whole self-discovery and spirituality thing. I still believe in the good bits that Wicca offers, but have always had an innate interest in true Satanism.. something just draws me to it.

I really enjoyed reading the essay, there are many good and valid points about Satanism in the form that you portray. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was extremely well written and researched, and I particularly liked the personal viewpoint.. So there you go nothing more, nothing less. Thanks for very insightfull reading!

Rev. Nina du Preez.