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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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What's "Demonic ancestry"?

I mean, if you're a Christian you might hold that it is possible children of the Nephilim, etc, could have "demonic ancestry", but I don't give much credit to Christian mythology.

And... what are "True Satanists"???

I mean, I see lots of Christians running around each ignorantly claiming to know absolute truth, that I Am Right And Everyone Else is Wrong, but as Satanism is freethinking and individualistic, I don't see how there can be "true" Satanists. What other types do you think there are? False ones? In other words, "Satanists who don't believe what I believe are 'false'"? I was almost sure that Christianity pretty-much had closed-mindedness cornered, in the West, but maybe I'm wrong!

Tell me... what is this True Satanism and how do you come about it?

It is true that there are many definitions of what a Satanist is and what religious views/world views they hold. But my point is that you should at least acknowledge His existence to be able to call yourself a Satanist. It is my considered opinion that there are many God’s and Goddesses. However non of them created the earth or man for that matter. The Gods were created at the same time as the earth. If you are up to date with chaos theory or the superstring theory from quantum physics, then in an infinity of possibilities is it not wholly probable that sentient entities came in to existence devoid of biology? It is through this ‘energy’ that we rise above the beasts. We are more than the sum of our biology we are also part ‘energy/spirit’ the same stuff the Gods angels and Demons are formed from.

No reasonable mind could except man was mad from clay or that women formed of his ribs! WE DO have a biological origin that is FACT. We evolved as did all life on earth but it is the incorporation of ‘Spirit’ that sets the human race apart. The combination of spirit and biology are another probable product of chance. We exist after death released of our mortal biology. Which God you follow largely depends on your spiritual ancestry. I Know of my ancestry, it is as true as my blood, I am demonic.

Hail Satan Thou Art Supreme Eternal.

A polytheist Satanist?

Your point is wrong: You don't have to acknowledge a conscious Satan in order to call yourself a Satanist. The word "Satanist" came with the founding of The Church of Satan.

And if you want to call Kali worshippers "Satanists", or imagine a plethora of Gods and state that one of them is called "Satan" and that you're a Satanist, then fine, but you need to acknowledge that that *isn't* the original use of the term "Satanist".

Tell me... who do you think Communists worship? Who do atheists worship?

There MAY be communists who worship things, atheists who worship money, and Satanists who worship Satan, BUT, these are not the only (or normal) usages of the words.

A recent webpage:
"What are True/Real Satanists?"

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