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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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my comment

as a Christian, I have a strong, very strong faith in God, that He exists and that He loves me. Maybe I cannot show you a physical proof that God really exists (I can say I, myself, am a proof), but I can never prove that He does not exist, and neither can you. Contemplate on this, scientists says the universe started in a Big Bang, but until today, they still haven't discovered what happened before that big bang. Who could have possibly started it? God. There would never be other answers. And by the way, can I just ask you, do you believe in heaven or hell? If you do, where would possibly end up when you die, after doing these thing in your life? If you don't, where would you go after you die? Gone, just like that? Let me tell you something, God love you, and He had promised heaven. If you just cling on that idea, you'll have a better life, I tell you. Ok, that's all. PS. read the Bible *thoroughly*.


Etc. It's not as simple as you say, and, atheism is more sensible than theism, as I explain on the pages above.

Re: my comment

Friend, all your appeal to science proving "god", only supports the arguments of Deists, not theists.
www.deism.org www.deism.com www.deistnet.com

I've read the Bible thourougly myself, I was Christian for 25 years and very hardcore about it for close to a decade. I see no more evidnce for it beeing the word of god, than the Quran, or the Torah{O.T.} w/out the Christian addition of the N.T., or the Hindu scriptures,etc.
If you come back to this site, and you read this, tell me my friend, HAVE YOU read the Bible thouroughly, truly? If so, then you must have noticed the genocide,the child murder, the sex abuse and rape towards virgins of conquered peoples, the insane and cruel tortures commanded in the law{which you have no escape from as Jesus himself commanded in Matthew 5:17-19, complete obedience to the every jot and tittle/letter of hat law; which he himself failed to do, beeing the hypocrite cult leader that abused the jewish scriptures and faith, that he was; lets also not forget that Jesus, your prince of peace clearly stated in Matthew 10 that he came not to bring peace on earth-but a sword, to divide and cause division and strife-which ultimately leads to fruits of prejudice,elitism,oppression, war and death}.
How do you escape these things? Have you even noticed them? How can you excuse such cruelty and hpocrisy? How can you not obey your mesiah and obey therefoe his{beeing "Jehovah Incarnate"} commands to torture.
Have you reads where Elijah was beeing called bald-head by little kids and he cursed them in your gods name, and lo and behold as if by a miracle of your god{as the bible implies} a bear comes and kills 40 of these children?
Hows about that your god will judge{if he actually existed; which he does not} people based not on the merits of how loving or just their lives were, but on their theology-what they beleive din their brains, and send most{even just,loving,moral people} to an eternal hell!!!

I really don't thin you've truly examind your faith,, or your bible, or your biblegod and jesus's words and character/level of integrity ver closely. don;t thin you've examined their historical validity very deeply{had you, you'd know the fact that most of the theologies surrounding your Christ were borrowed not only from Judaism, and that only very lightly so-from very few randon scriptures from the Hebrew bible taken way out of context; but that these theologies and moralitires were mostly borrowed from ancient pre-christian and sometimes pre-jewish mystery pagan religions}.

It amazes me how litle Christians know of their faith,book,god,christ,history,science,etc. It blows my mind the self-deception involved; I can't really blame you, you've been born into this and indoctrinated thouroughly, I myself was once amongst your kind; But I have found freedo,sweet peace giving and "reason" based freedom.

You know what, U.S. founding Father and 18th century Deist, Thoman Paine, once said that the brutality and cruelty of the bible make sit seem more the word of a demon{in the judeo-christian sense}than the word of the Creator{he, as a deist, believed very strongly in a non-personal Creator/Designer existing base don "reason" and what he beleived to be the only hand-writing of Deity-the creation/universe, which cannot be corrupted by time or the hands of man. Is he correct, do not know, I do have Deist leanings myself, but am not 100%, but what he says certainly is more evidencebale and sensible than the character assasination of whatever god/creator/deity/creative energy or force of sentience and intelligence may possibly exist that is revealed faith/religion, christianity especially.

Please friend, i encourage you to do some real and unbiased research.
www.exchristian.net {"archives"}

Best of luck;

Bill "Iconoclastithon" Baker

"It's not WHAT you believe, it's HOW you believe it"-United Universists; www.universist.org www.faithless.org

Re: my comment

All I can say, is you were NEVER a born-again TRUE Christian. Otherwise, you would not turn so vehemently against God. And, yes, I know the history of the Bible, etc. VERY WELL. Doesn't say much for you.

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