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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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I still don't understand why some people believe some things as opposed to others. To me, over all I've read and seen, Chrisitanity has been the only thing that made sense to me. As for those who have called themselves Christians and did things apposing what the Bible said, they tainted the name for the true at heart. You say that believers provide power or something. "A god is only as powerful as it's followers, and every atheist denies every god that little bit of power.". This statement is so untrue that I am not sure where or how anyone could come up with this notion. Maybe you think the Bible is just a fun little story book of myths, but I know it to be a truth. Its not something that can be told, rather, it must be experience. God will have the greatest power, whether or not he has one follower, a trillion followers, or no followers. In the Bible, God will defeat Luciefer no matter what. This is what makes sense to me.

"Lucifer" as word should not be used to refer to an evil Satan, it is a mistranslation:

Satanism does not believe in God, as such the concept of God in society is as important as the amount of followers it has. For example, how important is Ahura Mazda? Not very important at all, and hardly has any power at all, because hardly anyone believes in it. Because Gods are fictional they have no power of their own, only their followers do anything.

thats opinion, not fact.

Jason X

I got kicked out of school for a shirt that said, What would Satan do? with an up-side-down-cross. If I wore something like what would jesus do with a christian cross, i would still be in school, isnt it against the law to do that 2 someone, that there is a freedom of religion. I could take the school districts entire 2year sallary. thats why i continue to say what i gopt to say despit anyone

But why do you wear shirts like that? A lot of people would wear them in mockery of Christianity and such religions. That's pushing things too far, which is why they probably told you to change. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when others get offended is another. If I saw you wearing that shirt, I'd be like whatever. But I mean, the school bored has to try and keep control over us 'youth'. They're retarted, and we've known this too long to care anymore.

Re: Jason X

Just because some may be offended by the faith of another is that then justification to oppress that faith? I think not. Christianity has oppressed for too long. It is by no means alone in this i know. Why is it that people offend so easily. There is no freedom in this fucked up world unless you embrace the corruption of the humanistic approach. This is PC gone mad

Re: Jason X

well said! but I am a discreet satanist in my school (not officially aligned because im not 18 though) I cant talk about my beleifs with anyone. they dont grasp that I dont go to the school for the religion, but the education...

BTW, the person who got kicked out of school, you know you can go to court with that.


i would just like to say thank you for beliveing in god. all these people know is how to hate and it's good to see a person that still has there mind and hasn't been brainwashed by all thi s stupid shit

so umm yeah thanks a lot for beleving in what is right




"all these people know is how to hate"

Is this your opinion of all non-Christians then? You sign your post with "peace", and think you are better than others, yet you describe people as "hateful" because you don't agree with their beliefs? Don't you see that that's *not* actually a good way to behave, and is hypocritical? I think you and your God need to have a discussion... isn't it about time you went to Confessional or something? Silly person.


God is awesome! and i believe everything you just said! um........you rock!


how can you say that god is awesome when all you have herd and read is from a book that has been written many of times and has been changed and so full of shit..form sick fuckers who felt a sence of insercurity and this was the only way to make them feel better by putting some other poor barsted down and saying he was shit and you should belive i have the power.. it doesnt make sence to me. dont say im a brainless little immature brat with no idea wot im talking about because im sure you have thought of this in a different sort of way.

*buzzer sounds* and I'm sorry, but you dont win todays star prize...

If God had no followers, no one would talk of it, and knowledge of its existence would fall into nothingness. Then God would not exist, because no one knows of it. it is US that made the god, and US that can break it. Lucifer will triumph, as Anton LaVey pointed out, many churches are using newer ideas, that would have been classed as heretic should the religion have remained undiluted. Preists carefully move away from the quotes that would make us doubt the existence of god, or at least like the idea. They move to the quotes making god sound really great- but read through the bible. I flicked through a copy of the New Testament, and picked a page at complete random- and the first quote I came across was bigoted, anti-freedom, and a threat. If this was exposed publicly in a mass- I am sure that the mass the following week would be smaller.


as Ghandi led the revolt against the British Rule, satanists will lead the revolt against oppression... (bwaha) :D

back on topic, something about the website. GREAT SITE!

sorry, but fuck bible!no more rules!!!

no masters- no slaves!!!!!!!!
i don't know much about satanism,but i know that point is-you are your own god!!!no leaders,just true listening of yourself!
666 as sweet numbers!

croatian derkness


>>I still don't understand why some people believe some things as opposed to others.

According to the Bible God puts "hooks" in your "jaws and turns you about". In otherwords God decides what people will believe and then punishes them for believing it or as a punishment itself by clouding a person's mind.

God is big on punishment. It's what He does.

Think about it. When 2 people can look clearly at the precise and exact same thing and both come away with diametrically opposed conclusions then you know The Lord has given the truth to one and a lie to the other.


Who creates all the good and all the evil in the world? It is I the God of Abraham and no other. [paraphrasing]
--The Holy Bible.

Hope and change.
--Barack Hussein [rhymes with insane] Obama whom 50% of Americans believe and love while the other 50% realize he is lying and hates each and everything America stands for.

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