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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Who is Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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I'm somewhat digging what this website says...

First off, I'd like to say thank you, it's refreshing to see something about reaffirming your life and saying it's okay to be yourself. It's quite liberating.

This society we live in based on the corporate hierarchy which always sends messages to you that you are just a slave, that you cannot be an individual that you must follow the herd. It leads you to hate yourself. The ethos of this present society, as we all know was developed from Christianity, especially in the West, and the Puritan roots tell you that you are never good enough and that you must be someone else.

Yes, the world is cruel and unfair, but it does no good to just take it as that with the belief that all will be rewarded in after death. Your site says to me to persevere, to prevail against injustice, to reconfirm myself. My life is shit right now, I can try to make it better, but most importantly, I've got to be me.

On another note, no, I've hardly in my life ever needed to tranquilize myself with the God drug, except when I was a child and that mindset was forced upon me. (Ever notice that when you have a discussion with a Christian about the grievances in your life, they always reply "God had an answer for you", yet, never a story for them to empathize followed by any useful advice?) What I read here just may keep me sane, I've been trying to get hired, and I've worried too much about being liked and sacrificed my individuality and my ways of thinking-- as said earlier this way of thinking is a product of this society--follow the herd. I can't sacrifice my individuality otherwise I'll lose my ability to reason, to think beyond the conventional ways of doing things.

Thanks again.

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