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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Industrial Music


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Starting industrial rock band in NYC

Starting Band in NYC area, totally serious, full time deal, I'm a 100% motivated individual looking for people serious about making great music and getting famous,
I need a drummer, a bassist and a keyboardist. If you can play keyboard and guitar that's a huge plus. If you can do any of these things and sing at the same time that's a huge plus too. And above all team players, I'm looking for attitude more than ability, I can help train everything except drums.
The direction I'm looking to go is a mixture of GLU, SW, NIN, AIC, Depeche mode, and Led Zeppelin.
I'm 22 finishing college in a month and a half. I play guitar and sing, I play some keyboard too, right now I'm between bands, I'm tired of screwing around with people who aren't serious.
interested? email me chhaken@yahoo.com

TU-160 is here... Prepare for the death that awaits you!!

Death in the wings of the tehcnologicaly advanced

Dropping 500 lbs. of pain at at time. TU-160


Have you heard of Massivivid or Deitiphobia?
What would you classify bands like massivivid and deitiphobia?
Massivivids first album, Brightblur, was not consistantly as dark as their second release "Dressed to the nines...armed to the Teeth" (Which Ive been dying to get a hold of) DTTNATTT had a very dark and much heavier sound.
Then theres Deitiphobia, my all time favourite industrial electrica band. Listened to them?

Good work with the essay, it was helpful.

Robert-Jan van Beek



very good. its worth noting that the name industrial comes from throbbing gristles label and they were the 1st industrial band. also i would classify ministry as trad industrial but punk/metal/indust. our band mindshaft plays punk industrial. also lotsve odds n end get labelled industrial as they dont fit anywhere else.

stay cool


So searching around for like minded subjects and other strange things..
figure you might be interested in listening.

so check it out if ya want.

some demo mixes up there.

thank you

I found this break down highly helpful. I kept having these weird conversations with people that were chucking around terms for what I kept lumping under goth industrial.
Thank ye for edjumacating me proper like.

Infant Skull Surgery

they were the best band of the scene back then... I remember their gig at the Marquee supporting Children on Stun.... absolutely magnificent. It was a shame that Luca the guitarist left the band... and it was a shame that they split up so soon after. what happened to them all?

Infant Skull Surgery

I think they were the best industrial band back in the 90's, in England. that's all

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