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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


"The Psychedelia of Death" by Vexen Crabtree

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I thought it was very I really liked it very....real and in touich and even slightly moving....

good job.

Death essay

Damn, that was a depressing read. Well written, sure, but so damn depressing. I'm gonna get a drink now. Not alcohol, but probably milk. Two percent milk. Just enough fat to make it tasty.

Where did you get the facts for this info. Doing science fair, need a bit of help Vex. Where did you get this info on death and is it scientificly accurate?

Okay, so we die, but there is more, nature hints rebirth.

I don't care what you think regarding death being a eternity of nothing, I don't care if someone thinks that everything is eternal nothing after death. I don't care if god is real or Satan is real, it's nature that speaks the truth. I think we do live again, however,whatever life form we become, there will be no memory of your other life, so yes, we do lose our identity,because our brain is what forms our sense of self. I think there is a eternal energy,as my mother described it shortly before her death,"We are electricity,and we are flowing through endless multi colored wires,that are attached to this huge machine that generates what we are, electricity, we are all electricity! She described a power grid, computer chip,energy recreating itself, we may all be machines built by Aliens that look like insects for all I know,but the way nature recreates itself,the seasons, cicadas reborn after 17 years in the ground, exactly 17 years? It proves nothing about a living God, but hints of rebirth,life is about change, nothingness is not change, its nothing forever. Its not logical that god is real, but its also not logical to say death is nothing forever. Forever is a long time, its not logical saying the mystery stops at death. Yes we forget this life after death, but the signs point to change, not nothing, just change,the energy that sparks us,becomes something else. The truth about life is that we are always in motion. yes we die, why describe it like that, I know it sucks, most people don't care to think about it, but if you get off thinking about it,hey, whatever makes you happy. It never ends,and god has nothing to do with it, we are electricity , machines, our blood is the oil, our breath is the stimulant like a carburetor, our food the gas,cancer is caused by gunk buildup, like an engine, yes we may one day discover how to live forever, we may integrate machine and computer with our flesh, and become the gods of other lower species, it continues....them again, it may be just one life,what the hell do I know?
Dr. Fritshitsingoober

Death pages

Death is a topic that I rarely think about. Thanks for a very interesting read :)

Very cheerfull

I can see that your life is very cheerfull

Re: Very cheerfull

It is.

Well, Mr. "Smartie", since the brain is so complex and cannot be "recreated" by any human, don't you think there is a Higher Power (GOD) that created you? I mean come on, we (you) cannot be some freak accident. Just get real and think about it. There is no way the human race is some accident of an explosion in the universe billions of years ago. Use the brain God gave you and just ponder those thoughts for a while. I believe Darwin said, after all his studies on evolution, he did conclude there had to be a higher power out there (never did end up believing in God before he died ... too bad for him). So, please, get real about life in general. Turn to God and you will be "eternally" happy. You see, when you die, you don't really die, you just either go to hell to live forever or heaven to live forever. Gee, which place do think will be better?

Question for previous poster...

Would you honestly want to live forever? Can you even comprehend the concept of forever? You would want to die after seeing the inumerable deaths and births and not to mention the consant barrage of the senses. The brain eventually would want to cease to be or become. No matter how far your subjective percpective is, your brain would want it's end.

go top urself (why wait

die now & save yourslef.b.i.c.t.h.

Re: go top urself (why wait

Because clearly the article was about why death = saving oneself, and of course, I also enjoyed the part where he said death was great.


That was very good, but quite depressing.

it was an excellent read man. we should seek death sooner

Brain Cells

I enjoyed the writing.

We are only a function of our brain cells. What I find amazing, is our brain is so complicated, we have to make things up like gods to explain why we are. You do not have a soul, you have a BRAIN! A friend of mine is currently suffering from cerebral hypoxia and has some brain damage. His soul certainly isn't causing him to have memory and motor problems. His BRAIN is. We are a machine, carbon created, DNA blueprinted. Will we live again? Sure! Since life and consciousness is an illusion brought on by our 5 senses and our BRAIN, it's not really real to begin with. And for "ME" to live again, well, that sounds awfully narcicistic.

Won't it be neat when computers have "3D Organism" modeling software? You'll feed your printer with a test tube and out will pop a fully chromosoned cell with the DNA print. Grade school kids will grow new machines... errr.. species for science projects.

By the way, brain cells can regenerate! Stem cells located mostly near the ventricles and hippocampus can divide into new neurons and other cells used in brain functions. It's been found that this new division of cells especially occurs after a stroke.

Very Nice

Wow vexen that was very deep. and unlucky some people on this who commented and couldnt handle what they read had go go and try to piss you off.. i personally apreciate the fact that you tried to express and share your outlook on this and you might have a good point here. but the only reason we want to live on is for the hope that someday we will live on and not lose our consioncenos for ever :)
Alias= shortie89


I think I pooped myself, then I died and then I said to my inner voice I tried to tell those stupid god loving assholes...it is over...then nothing, no angels no demons just nothing. Wake up people, we are no different then anything else that lives...we die!

I wonder why death is inevitable. When you look at the single cell it could go on living forever if not affected adversely by its environment. Yet I hear that cells are 'programmed' to self-destruct after certain time of existence. Is this some form of evolutionary adaptation? It seems like life cannot avoid detrimental effects of environment accumulating over time, and somehow the cell accumulated genetical information which tells it what that optimum operational time is. I suppose I have a problem to understand how otherwise death is advantageous for the evolution or species, if not as just creating space for new experiments by mother nature. Anyway it is quite amazing to think that life has this self-cleaning, space saving mechanism, which allows only the youngest to participate in propagation of species. The implications for our attempts to extend human life-span are also interesting.
Anyway life is an amazing experience, I am glad to be part of it :)

The 'self-destruct' mechanism you're talking about is probably the telomeres. It is a buffer which exists on either side of all of our chromosomes in a cell. The telomeres protect the DNA from corruption, and keep it vital.

We are developing methods of replenishing telomeres, doing so, experiments indicate, do indeed make cells live longer.

A problem is that as cells get older, natural radiation and all kinds of random events cause all the chemicals, including the DNA, to become corrupted and altered in minute ways. These, if cells went on living forever, would cause many cancers. That's one reason why our cells have programmed-in lifespans, younger cells are more efficient, healthier and less prone to cause disease.

Cell self-destruction is not related the the lifespan of an entire individual - cells are replaced by other cells. Telomeres are not a way of limiting the life span of members of a species.

But there *are* natural limitations to life span that do act favourably for a species: If the species becomes too old without death or selection, it cannot evolve!

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