Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree


Aren't viruses/worms and such absolutely stupid :-(

I have a good few days work now just repairing things and updating all our sites from the MARCH backup... I have no idea why we don't have a more modern backup!

I have copies of the sites... have to update all of them... lots of fiddly settings and security settings, ODBC sources, files, InterDev projects have to all be recreated.

Other than that machines are still infected, and the latest updates aren't getting rid of it! We've taken most our machines (except live servers) off the network until they're all fixed. Fun fun fun!

It's a busy little worm... and uses some dead simple yet effective exploits... like the Javascript/open auto-execute hidden attachment trick. It's just hard to get rid of this one once it's running!

Thank you... Empiress for sending me a link to an information page on this.
Tags: computer viruses, nimda
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