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I just had a pretty mind blowing weekend :-)

To demonstrate this... after getting up on 7am on Saturday I didn't actually fall to sleep/collapse until 12midnight on Sunday.

And slept for 15 hours, getting up at 3pm Monday. FIFTEEN hours? Holy shit, I didn't think that was possible and I'm a professional insomniac! All my muscles ache from lots of dancing and my head hurts a bit (and I didn't drink or do drugs), my body all round feels great... I do suspect, however, that if I stop drinking water something bad will happen :-)

Had an amazing dream. As it was a Vexen dream it did involve Aliens, and was a yummy nightmare. I turned myself into a small glass at some point.

I will write up Slimelight this time, write up the party I went to afterwards (Sheridan's birthday party, at Tim's house), and make some notes on my girlfriends' 2 week holiday in Transylvania, Romania, which she got back from on Sunday.

Other news: I'm worried about not having enough money to pay rent next month. Have spent all today jobhunting. I don't know how it's possible for a motivated and skilled YesYes person like me to fail to find work. Am worried. But optimistic, as always. I don't know what happens when you run out of money though. Scary.

Presently: Am going to cook food, do a web page advertising hosting and my web design skills for cheap prices and then spam everyone with these, play Warcraft 3 online and then write up my weekend more thoroughly.

Oh... and I wrote some new poem lyrics in my head at Slimelight. Oh my goth, so sad! Woe is me... etc etc.

pennypenny told me I needed to get out and go dancing... she was soo right, thanks baby :-)
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