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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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... and yet again, we find that it's a fake, with additional words added to make it sound relevant to Jesus.

So many fakes... where's the REAL evidence?

Re: The box...

you have lack of faith. for you, to prove that there is God, you must see him. you must need REAL evidence.

now think of it this way. if there was no Jesus, how did Christianity become such a big worldwide religion? how come so many people are saved today and believe in Him and not the other religions?? people did not rely on REAL evidence. their eyes were opened and they had faith. you, my friend, have that lack of faith. your eyes are indeed closed. you are as blind as a bat. may God show and reveal Him to you, to show Himself to such a lack of faith.

Same can be said for the enlightenment of the Buddha, the miracle of Muhammad. If you hold that religions are successful because their origins are TRUE, then you are arguing that every religion is true. Is that what you want to argue?

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