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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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the truth!

The truth is that there is historical proof that Jesus lived.
Cornelius Tacitus-- Talked about Christs death.
Lucian Samosata- Greek Satirist made references to the 'man' christians worship.
Suetonius-- Jews expelled from Rome due to activities on behalf of a man called Cherstus (mispelling of Christ).
Pliny the younger-- Executed christians and wrote about how they sang songs to Christ.
Thallius and Phlegon (historians) Both confirmed the land went dark when Christ crucified.
Josephus- Describes Jesus as a wise man, doer of wonderful works and calls him Christ.

The gospels- Mark written in AD50-65. Matthew written in AD70-80 and
Luke early ad60's. John was written in ad80-100.

The first three gospels were all written within living memory of christ being crucified. And these early accounts of the gospels confirm that what was written in John to be true.

Just these facts alone throw incredible doubt as to the sincerity and onus of yourself in relation to what you are writing.

Mara bar Serapion- Wrote a letter to his son which describes how the Jews executed their King.

Alexander the great lived well before Jesus Christ. But we have no problem believing what was written about him by those who saw him or heard of him.The old testament foretold the coming of christ. Did Jesus not foretell the fall of Jerusalem in ad70? What is it about Christ that men are still talking about him over 2000 years later?
You see we know about Alexander the Great and men recorded what he did. It is just that n one is interested as it has no bearing on this time.
But as for Christ. He has been talked of since he came with ceasing.
Look at Paul his travels are recorded. What changed such a hardened enemy of Christ into his most ardent follower.?

The truth is God told us what would happen. Like Adam and Eve we have to decide if we are going to listen and take heed of his warnings.
The last days men will become godless. This site is proof again of prophesy being fulfilled. Even if we burnt the history books and got rid of all material evidence. The truth would still exist. That there is only one God and his son Jesus Christ was the Messiah. And as he changed the lives of many thousands over 2,000 years ago. He is still doing it today. For Gods Kingdom cannot been seen by the eye for it is within a person. To understand and accept truth. We first have to be open minded to receive it. Your blatant disregard for what the historians actually wrote prove you are looking to prove that there is not a God, whether or not there is. It is not proof but assurance for something you decided on before you searched. Try reading the bible and reading what others wrote about Christ. What problem do you really have with such a loving forgiving God and a saviour who touched lepers before he healed them? Such love is rare. Truth has to be sought with an open mind and heart. With the purpose of finding the answer to the question not trying to create the answer.


Re: the truth!

could anyone provide links or details of where these details can be found?

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