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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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Re: Deluded!!!!

Air can be seen. You give another bad analogy in an attempt to defend a delusion.

Look, if all you have to go on is "a lot of people believe", then why don't you adopt Gnosticism, Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any of the other 10,000 religions that have been created by humans and other hominids prior to humans?

It is really quite easy to prove that there is no Jesus. But, then again, you have to be coming from a perspective that there is no Zeus either in order to accept the reality and evidence.

Jesus' "death" was wildly reported as true (many years later) as was his life. And your point is? So were many other man-gods with lives similar to Jebus reported as true during times prior to Jesus. Santa was also reported to shimmy down my chimney recently. Somehow, I am just not buying it (but then again, I don’t have a chimney).

I will say this. I have tried it both ways. I am far happier and content without fairy-tales than I was with them. Here is the shocker of all shockers: I have raised three children not to believe as well. Ha ha. And, they are so visceral about it that they are going around debating their other young friends about Christianity. It is just a matter of time and you guys are sunk. You tried burning the libraries and people who proclaimed science. Now you can’t get past the dissemination of information. Without you, we will get less guilt, more kindness, less killing and more personal happiness along with a general advancement of the human species.

With Jesus, your life is based on an anachronism that is simply not true. Without him, you are you. Don’t you value you enough to actually be you?

--Former Kool-Aid Drinker

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