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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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Re: Jesus and history...

i am the same writer as above...and i have more to add...have you ever heard of the council of nicea? 325 Ad....hundreds of prominent reigious men in europe got together to finally purge out impurities within the divine texts, and settled on the bible. yes, catholics, and protestants alike, got togehter and agreed on the bible, although some catholics still use the rejected books(the apocrypha) even though they are inconsistent with the other books.
but think about this....325 years after the records of Jesus, this group got together. 325 years is a lot closer than 2007, so 1st off i think they would not have even bothered getting together if there was no historical record of Jesus. So they most definately had proof of jesus, and they agreed on a canon for the texts; the bible.
there is soooo much more evidence, but i will stop with jesus' time, herod kept records of the people (a census), and jesus was on it.
Look this up for yourself from reiable sources, not blog sites from random people with no credibility.

Re: Jesus and history...

Mua ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

"catholics, and protestants alike, got togehter and agreed on the bible"

Luther founded Protestantism in the 16th century! Also, the Council of Nicea wasn't the final and only canonisation attempt, Marcion had done a similar thing beforehand, and others continued to use various bible versions afterwards. What we now call Orthodoxy, or Proto-Orthodox, are the ones that got together and voted on the books of the bible, from the hundreds that were on offer.

Do you know what the Church Fathers found when they went looking for the historical origins of Christianity in the 4th century? In some places they looked, they found god-man pagans such as Mithraists, and in others they found Gnostic Christians. When they found these people where they expected to find orthodox Christians, they tortured, silenced, imprisoned and killed them, and burnt their books ("Lost Christianities" by Bart Ehrman, "Jesus Mysteries" by Freke & Gandy [Book Review]).

Early Christians did not know where Jesus was buried, where he died, whether he died on a tree or a cross (and some Christians even thought he survived, and Judas (Jesus' twin brother, by some accounts) was crucified instead). They didn't know when he was born (Christmas wasn't institutionalized for hundreds of years), and all todays' dates of Easter and Christmas were based on pagan festivals of natural revival ('Easter' is even the name of a pagan god). Christians had to use these dates because they didn't know, right from the start, anything about Jesus. That's why most the stories about Jesus are copies of older stories about Bacchua, Mithras, etc, re-written.

Early Christians called these pre-Christian stories Satanic anticipations because they worried them so much!

The truth is that Christianity was a re-write of older pagan myths, and thats why the orthodox Christians couldn't find any orthodox Christians when they went looking. Stemming from St. Paul, it was once big laughable mistake!

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