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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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Existence of Jesus

Hi I'm the grand nephew of the Abbe Ducot-Bourget

The Abbe found from the enumeration of 7 bc, made by the Romans, the evidence that a son of Mary grand-daughter of Ruth and a son of Joseph descendant of David existed. By the way The Abbe Ducot Bourget orchestrated the peace treaty at the end of WWII. I suggest you think twice about dissing him and what he as achieved.

Jesus was enumerated as
Yeshurun Bar-Yuseph Ber-Geber Ben-David
from when he returned from Egypt

Otherwise this is the equivalent of a birth certificate.
You are right about Nazareth. Ignorami are a dime a dozen and popes are not immune.
A carpenter back then did not have the same implications as it as today.
Today you consider a carpenter, if he is very good, as maybe also a cabinet maker and that is all.
In those days, although, a carpenter was a mason and an architect, an agronomist, a merchant. So he was really rich, therefore he wasn't poor. He usually was a judge or a priest depending if he was or not a first born.
There were many types of priesthood back then. The jews were not yet a nation but just a tribe.
Priests were; at the temple; Levites, Saduceans or Aaronites for the jews. The Aaronites were a sub-group of the Levites.
The other tribes had the priesthood of the Nazrai-Ha-Brith. The first born of the other tribes had to make a vow to dedicate their lives to God.
This priesthood was known as the priesthood according to the order of Melchizedeck.
To enter this priesthood you had to make the vow of Nazirism or become a nazirit. So Jesus the nazorean was really a scholar graduated from the essene college. Essene being a greek word and not an hebrew name, as the hebrew name was the community of Nazrai Ha Brith of Cumran or Jeriko in those days. The greek term meaning the holy ones.
Yeshurun lo and behold is a student at the Cumran community and graduated with honors on the same year as Mary-Magdalena. oops what does that mean. Oh yes the title given to the best A student was Messiah, ooh lala.
I suggest you read up or inform yourself. It's all nice and dandy that people like to discredit Christ.
Everyone is embarking on the laicity bandwagon because the catholic church is being evicted from their role of keeper of the fate because their sins have reached heaven and they wont escape the judgement. Because catholicism is dying does not mean that Christianity is about to.
In the days of Jesus Herod was placed upon the throne of Jerusalem and was the puppet of the romans and the jews. That's when the jews started to war against the Nazrai-Ha Brith to destroy them and obtain exclusivity at the temple and thus gain political power. It just happens that Jesus could not become a levite because of the roman occupation and became a Nazrai Ha Brith so he would not be identified as the king of Israel. Since he was also a jew he was said to also be king of the jews but he was only king of the jews as far as the jews were but one tribe of Israel. The chosen people of God are not the Jews but Israel as a nation.
Herod's destruction of the Nazrai Ha Brith is the cause of the misunderstanding and the existence of Nazareth today.
Through the infallability dogma the pope remained a liar and thus sealed the faith of the catholic church.
Laicity is all grand and pleasurable but it blinds everyone to the fact of the false prophet that is trying to obtain control of the world by forcing everyone to believe in God. Well God does not need the help of anyone if he wants them to love him and follow him.
During the WWII everyone was obfuscated, and still are, that 6 million jews were killed. Why is no one elevating themselves against islam murdering an incredible amount of christians in Africa. 20 million people have died and no one cares because they are black.
The false prophet is the antichrist, according to the words of Jesus-Christ himself.
Mahomet says "Jesus is not the christ", because he wants to be the messiah. That is the definition of the antichrist and that's who is the false prophet.

Re: Existence of Jesus


Man you are so wrong on so many basic facts I dont know where to start. The Jews weren't a nation? What do you call King David and Solomon then? How can a "tribe" be made up itself of 13 "tribes" (you HAVE heard of the 13 tribes of Israel, yes? The sons of Jacob?)

You speak with great authority about matters no one knows for sure. That proves your wrothlessness as a theologian. Get some humility and focus on the core:

jesus taught:

1. love
2. no man is judge

practice that, and pray for peace. Otherwise, your power is of this world, and you are gonna perish along with all those Muslims you hate so much.

may you have peace, shalom

Re: Existence of Jesus

Very well said my friend..

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