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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Jesus did not exist

"Jesus Did Not Exist" by Vexen Crabtree

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Re: wow

Continued from previous post..

I have a whole lot to say about your point on the issue of suffering but just to summarise, while we are all talking about a Good, loving and all powerful spiritual force who we know as God (and rightly so), we should not for one second take our eye of the ball and forget that scripture is also very clear about the other side of the spectrum, an evil spiritual force in opposition to God who is responsible for the suffering, the doubts and hardships that go on in this world and believe me will stop at nothing to try and mislead and confuse our understanding of God and prevent us being saved.
Your next question will be probably: well if God is all powerful then why doesn't he deal with this problem and the answer in short is that he will absolutly deal with this at a time which he has already decided,this is clear througout jesus' teaching and also in dept in 'Revalations'
The truth is I don't know why God allows evil to exist right now, but to be honest I am not in a position to understand (or even begin to understand) the reasoning behind why God allows certain things to happen. but I do know that when the time comes, God is just and Good and somehow things are happening and unfolding like this for our own good.
Sometimes I think we like to think we have all the answers but the fact is we are living in a universe far more complex and vast than we would ever be able to physically comprehend. Even down to the smallest molecule we still can't understand some basic elements which make up life and how they seem to magically interact together. I mean we are still only starting to comprehend our physical surroundings, making new discoveries in the rainforests and oceans every year, if we can't understand these things then how can we begin to understand God plans.
Anyway, very sorry if this dragged on a bit but thanks for taking the time to read it anyway, hope it didn't bore you. This is a little of what I believe but I fully respect your views and opinions and I hope you find whatever answers you are looking for. Many thanks

A believer (John 3:16)

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