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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Breakfast: 300g of McVities Caramel and Chocolate digestives :-)

MMmmm... not good diet... but I will buy orange juice at lunch time and I went jogged 3 miles yesterday (then had large protein intake in the form of big salmon steak+egg) all in the name of shaking a mild cold. It doesn't stand a chance!

I stayed up all last night spreading propoganda, editing my MDINotepad program (I'm adding encryption to it) and formatting Empiress' website

Which is a great URL!
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It's a great URL, but what happens if she gets beatified? doesn't sound as good :-(

*giggles* It doesn't, does it?
You could hire someone to hang
around her and look generally
evil, so the Vatican don't
randomly cannonize her when she's
not expecting it... =^.^=

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