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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Refuting Monotheism

Refuting Monotheism: There is no God

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God didn't create thought and the ability to create

God cannot have created thought, being able to think, the act of thinking, conceptualizing, mentally conceiving, imagining, dreaming, whatever you want to call it, because...

In order to create this ability, firstly for his own use, he would have initially had to go through a some sort of a thinking/reasoning (guessing?) process in order to arrive any conclusion at all, possibly along the lines of "What do I need to do first in order to create everything" and without having first created the process/ability of thought for himself, he can't think what needs to be done.

It may be that thoughts/concepts, and hence the ability to produce thoughts/concepts, already existed within God in "non-time" prior to him creating everything, including "all that is seen and unseen", as a sort of inbuilt, fitted-as-standard feature of God's nature, it begs the question, what else is excluded from "everything"? (Apart from God, as a courtesy, otherwise he'd responsible for creating himself)

Therefore wholly abstract thoughts, concepts, or "ideas" must exist beyond God, or "before" God, or not be dependent on God, otherwise thoughts would not exist.

If God's ability to create, or by any other means otherwise be the source of all things is included in "Everything" (otherwise, it's not in everything and by definition everything includes all things) then how did God create, or become the source of, within himself, the ability to create?

Either this ability is inbuilt in his nature, and did not specifically need creating by God - it's there already - in which case God didn't create everything - or he needed to specifically create it and/or cause himself to become the source of this ability - but without the preexisting ability to create and/or cause himself to become a source of anything, how did he create it?

conclusion - God isn't the source of the ability to create, or cannot create.

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