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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Refuting Monotheism

Refuting Monotheism: There is no God

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If your message is worth reading, I'm sure you're going to take the time to write it out nice and readable... i.e., not in all caps lock.

I got the general gist, but I'm not a Christian, and I don't believe in Christian mythology at all, so don't believe the same things about god, satan and hell that Christians believe.

Can't get over the caps lock can you? You are such a little man who likes to have temper tantrums. In the art of communication, spelling and grammar are very important as well. Look back over the garbage you like to spew and see that you have a problem in those areas. You said to one person that you like intelligence, and to have a good conversation, but you are incapable of it, unless the person has your views, or something equally demonic. If this life makes you happy, truly happy, so be it. It is so sad, and such a waste, to be so hateful.

I honestly think it works to your advantage not to write in all caps, also, I find it hard to read all-caps text, it simply seems better if you write normally. Also, on the Internet, all-caps text is associated with immaturity and childishness [1], so I genuinely think it's to your advantage to only use caps lock when necessary.

I don't claim to have good spelling or grammar, and I frequently edit & correct my text to remove spelling mistakes, misplaced words, etc, so feel free to point them out! My older text (say, 1999 and before) is particularly bad!

99% of the people I know are not Satanists and do not hold my views, yet I continuously have englightening, enjoyable, philosophical and in-depth conversations with them both in text and in real life, I don't think I have a problem communicating with people who have different beliefs to me - I'm known for being particularly tolerant of others' beliefs.

Why do you think I'm hateful?

[1] Whether this association is justified or not I don't claim to know.

Oh, by the way, the industry I have worked in for almost 20 years (Airline/Travel) only works in capitals. Tickets, Computer bookings, and anything related...ONLY CAPITALS..Do you know why this is? Probably not. It is because it is the most legible when printed. And therefore the whole industry works that way. When the whole world is trying to COMMUNICATE, it makes life much easier.

You have to go back to being (just an atheist). Satanists do believe in God, just that satan is more supreme. So you see, you can't get it right.

1. About caps lock.

20 years ago, printed text looked best in capitals because the resolution was low. Not only do I know it from common sense, but I know it from the history of Western scripting and from the study of graphology, that properly written text (not all in capitals) is easier to read. Reading block capital text takes longer and is harder - there are no high- and low- parts to the text, all the letters are the same height, there are no capitals at the beginning of sentances... in short, it just makes it awkward to read naturally.

Just call it a pet hate of mine, but I honestly believe that if a message is worth saying, it's worth putting in some time to write it in a polite way. All caps, SHOUTING, is not polite, nor a good way of communicating.


Satanists do not believe in God, thank-you-very-much. There is no Satanic organisation that believes in God and Satan and believe that "Satan is more supreme".

An introduction to some different forms of non-atheistic Satanism, try these two pages: ("Righteous Satan" theologies are ones that believe that Satan is the most worthy object of religion, whether or not a good God exists)

This page is about the existence of God... the evidence of the world points to potential existence of an evil god, but not of a good one. I wrote this a day or two ago, with your original post in mind at the time.

Satanists do not believe in God, but hopefully the latter link shows clearly an agnostic tendancy ... if there was a god, it seems to me it would have to be an evil or neutral one... not a "loving" or "good" one.

You'll struggle to find (outside the paranoid writings of Dennis Wheatley!!) any Satanists' who believe what you think they believe. Satanists' are not devil-worshipping Christians... such people would still be Christians, but merely inverse Christians, but Satanism is not based on Christian mythology and doesn't have the same dualistic beliefs about a real god/satan.

When I say "no Satanic organisation", I mean no stable, organized group of people which have survived more than a generation. I know there is likely to be small freestyle groups of inverse Christians, but such groups have never become organized.

The closest things to such groups are mostly Satanic groups such as the Temple of Set, but their theology is definately more akin to theistic Satanism than any form of dualism involving both a god and a devil.

I will start off this, my last entry to you, by saying that I had no idea that writing all in capitals was like shouting. As I actually have a life, and don't spend any time on the computer, and only came across your site while researching Nefertiti (go figure), I found you completely disturbing. I can only stress how happy I am that I know that there is one true God, and that his son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins, and everyone else's including yours. After the Rapture happens and when the 7 years of tribulation come, if it is in our lifetime, and if you make it, I hope that you will remember that there was someone out there that cared a little about you and tried to get through. Maybe when the Tribulation events happen, you will turn to God. He will give you one last chance, so don't let your heart be hardened.
Signed...Hoping for the best.

I've heard it a hundred times before, I am not likely to remember any Christian in particular. Sorry, but I simply get too much Christian hate mail and Christian witnesses to consider any one of them in particular "the one who cared a little". Everyone cares. I care about you too, because you're human. I even care enough to have some worries about the things you believe. It works both ways. Have a nice life.

Anonymous- you should know that "proper" online etiquette restricts the use of all capitals to when you wish to portray strong feelings like anger. You need to be more sensitive to different situations. Leave corporate economizing where it belongs.

vexen you truly are getting a bashing here, that anonymous person is somewhat right! if there is no god , how did planet earth come about?? the sea, the sun, all that are GODS creations...and dont give me that bullshit about the big ruddy bang because im only gonna laugh! everything has a mechanism, and the mechanism of all things is GOD. do you seriously believe that life is all about peace?? look around you mate, wars are erupting, there is poverty because the rich are point being? GOD gives us happiness aswell as worry, smiles aswell as anger. get over yourself and get a new hobby!

OK, consider one question. Assuming that God exists, HOW did God create the universe? Did it (a) create something from nothing (impossible according to laws of physics), or (b) was the creation possible according to the laws of physics?

if (a), then you believe in a single impossible event (creation), that happened for a reason that you don't know. This is exactly the same as what atheists believe, except atheists make fewer assumptions about the cause of the universe.

Compare assumptions here:

god definitely created the world from nothing! god has powers beyond our wild imaginations! and by the way what laws of physics!? for all we know the scientists could be predicting everything wrong, we cant rely on scientists, for they are just mere humans like you and i! just because we cant see god it doesnt mean he is not there! if someone looked at you and said they cant see your brain, it necessarily doesnt mean it isnt there, does it?

Why is the Christian God right?

So I guess the other religions out there are wrong? Ya know, the other two main abrahamic religions, the religion christianity sprouted from, the non-abrahamic religions.

But you christians are right about your idea's in your mind, just like the non-Christians think they are righta about their ideas in their mind.

Why are the other religions wrong?


Vexen, what "proof" would you need to believe in God?

Who created the Laws of Physics then smartass?

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