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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Criticisms of Satanism

"Criticism and Attacks on Satanism by Various Authors", compiled by Vexen Crabtree (2001)

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people say that i worship the devil and sacrifice lambs on black marble alters etc. just because i am a goth, i dont believe in god/christianity, and i agree with alot the morals and values of satanism. These sort of people giv me the shits because its just plain ignorance for someone to say that i could beieve in the devil but not god because christianity created both. so u r being an ignorant dikhed if u say u r part of the anti christ and at the same time worship the devil, which these people must be accusing me of being if they say i am a slave 2 the devil. u cant believe in one and not the other so i choose to believe in neither because i associate christianity as being a scam that people such as priests etc. use 2 make themselves feel powerful and perfect so that they can look down upon inocent fools who belive they should be more like these people who misuse their power.

i think you're right because people who think they need to believe in god to be saved and shit they don't it's just in their damn heads. thats all

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How can you worship something you don't believe in?

I am a Satanist. But I have realized very quickly that most Satanist don't even believe that his Infernal Majesty is real. This angers me! What is the point? I believe that The Devil is a very real entity. There are a lot of things that Dr. La Vey wrote about that is very dear to my heart, but this one thing loses me. I believe, in my heart, that the Morningstar, the first and most beautiful of all the angels was the only one with the BALLS to stand up to that impersonal, egomaniacal creator!!! Sure, you have groups like the Temple of Set who actually believe in Satan but they call him "Set" and bring in all of this egyptian stuff. To me, they almost get there (and they treat it like a real religion) but the miss it with the whole "Set" business. The Devil is the grest Accusser, the Original Renegade, and the one who gave us knowledge. If you all don't what to believe in that then fine. I guess that when Anton said that Satanism was the religion of the individual he wasn't kidding. Is there anyone out there who feels the way I do?
Hail Satan!
The Darkehorse

Re: How can you worship something you don't believe in?

I posted that. My E-mail is: www.evildarkehorse13@aol.com

hey i think this shit sucks BIG time because you people don't know what the hell you are talking about so just shut the fuckup!

So... going to enlighten us, then, or just swear?

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You have changed my views of life now i am a true believer


What does the symbol of the star and the circle with the cross signify? What is it origins? Thank you for any responce. E

Vexen is Sick

Vexen, i write this only becouse i am worried about your soul. God still loves you, but by the time the three days of darkness have come, you will be killed. The devil does not love you, and while it may seem that you can do anything you want if you serve the unholy one, you cannot. Pray Vexen, Jesus died for your sins, now justify that.

Sincerly yours,



i think its stupid. your prising someone whos taking u to a burning hell and if u believe in satan theres gota b a god for the only place satan is mention is in the bible in todays world. its the only prof that he is real. 4so a god must exist and the bible must be true cose if it wasnt god or satan will b a fake. satan doesnt care bout u he only wants u so ur burn in hell and ur feel sorry 4 urself. i as a christain have felt the prensence of both satan and god and satan is the only one that temps me into things which only let to bad concequences. if ur a satanic ur in the wrong boat learn to look in the mirror not a picture that satan has placed in front of u blindin u from the truth 4 ur never no wat will happen tomos

Concept of Satanic belief,ref Church of Satan

I have spent many hours at study within the web site of the Church of Satan.Before I address my main point as such , I wish to state that I applaude the clarity and utter honesty displayed by The Church of Satan in extolling their beliefs, structures and views. Indeed in England where I reside there is a distinct lack of truly clear belief in anything,rather we appear to have a disjointed situation comprising various Christian churchs and Muslims each trying to out -do the next in there mission to firstly get bums on seats, and then extract cash via the very depraved practice of endless Guilt trips imposed upon the "Worshipers".Satanic practice is in the Cos sense/style a refreshing change,it lacks deception, shuns lack of effort,and mindless stupidity. So I like much that I see in The Church of Satan, yet it seems that they as intelligent as they clearly are, have missed a glaring oddity at the very heart of their core principle, so now I turn to the main point to illuminate that disparity.The Church of Satan state that they belive niether in God Nor satan, fine so far ,but they add that they have rejected the Definition of satan based upon discarding the Christian model and of Satan, again fine, or is it? because in rejecting the Christian model of satan they then keep hold of his name (Satan), a Hebrew word meaning "Adversary" and in turn used by the early Biblical writers to describe the very same Satan that the Cos reject, so in conclusion the Cos is saying it rejects all Christian theological structure, yet it clings to the name Satan which is inextricably linked to and part of Christian theology.That is why I have not joined the CoS, if anyone can add a comment that would make me re-avaluate my position, then be my guest. If I am wrong,prove me so,and if you can, logically, I am obliged to accept your position as correct. But alas I doubt anyone shall be able too,not because I am so far up my own arse that being in error is somehow beyond my interlect, no rather I think I have applied strict logic ,and much as I may not like the answer it displays,much as it prevents my joining the Church of Satan ,I have to accept it as logical and factual.

Re: Concept of Satanic belief,ref Church of Satan

Thank you for your articulate and mature comments. The archetype of Satan is not limited to merely the Hebrew word; "The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey contains a list of the 66 'Infernal Names' which is a list many cultures' and languages' names for Satan-esque concepts. The CoS had to *have* a name, so the common English-usage name Satan was picked - also, no other group had previously used that title.

That the early Hebrews used the word 'Satan' means that the term covers the opposition to God in three major world religions - Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is the widest term for Satan in common use, therefore the clearest.

*Rolls eyes*

Pathetic.. have you actually researched Satanism?
No, thought not.
And when you say that Satanism isn't intelligent... no offence, but the Bible had contradictions. Doesn't mean it isn't intelligent, though, does it?
Exactly, no.
Think before you ridicule somebody else's beliefs.
It's dangerous to be like you.. people like that usually end up in a gutter =]
Not a threat. Just saying.


I have to say that I truly love your site. Your essays and commentaries are intelligent and insightful, and I concur with much of what you've written. I also had a good laugh at the comments posted above. Who doesn't get a kick out of Christians trying to turn you away from the Dark Side because JESUS LOVES YOU? That's just entertainment. Small wonder the Romans had so much fun with Christians in the Coliseum. The sad thing is that they can't wrap their tiny minds around the fact that living in the darkness one sees only truth. I'd rather that than being blinded by the light of some murderous, petulant "God". Since I've embraced Satanic philosophies (and others besides--can't be limiting myself!), my soul has never felt freer, and I have never lived more truly to myself.



To the webmaster

I stumbled upon your site after googleing "critcism of buddhism". Even though I didn't agree with everything, I thought you had an interesting take on religion. Then I read your page about satanism, which completly turned me off and discredited everything else you wrote about. It seemed strange that an adult with a college education would try to justify this junk. Before I go further let me explain that I have some knowledge of Anton Lavey and the "Church of Satan". I am an agnostic-atheist so I am not going to waste your time telling you about how you are going to hell. Instead I will show you how a non-christian would disagree with your relligion.

(continued in a reply so it will fit)

Re: satanism=bullshit

(continued from above)

Philosophy- I don't see how the satanist "philosophy" Lavey espoused is suppost to be useful. I guess there are a few good ideas like being independent and living for today. But the main focus is a selfish "me first cause I'm better than everyone". That is not a philosophy, it's just being an asshole. Without compassion society would not exist. Satanism would be against charity, well think back to the last time someone had compassion on you, would you want them to say "sorry I only give a fuck about myself?" I also do't understand the logic that hedonisim and selfishness make more sense then compassion and selflessness because it is in human nature to look out for yourself. This is something that some other people as well as satanists believe but what they fail to understand is that PART OF HUMAN NATURE IS THE ABILITY TO DEFY HUMAN NATURE! Anyway the whole philosophy is pretty hipocritical and laughable. The satanic bible recomends that people destroy their enemies who bother them- uh, do any satanists want to say how many they've destroyed? The book says that people should "indulge" but then says to obey the law and not do drugs. What do satanists indulge in, eating too much candy and staying up past their bedtime? Satanisim starts with the idea of "just do whatever you want" but then adds to it "-but don't do anything illigal. -And don't do anything really offensive either. -And make sure you don't do anything that might hurt yourself." Finally you realise that satanists are just like evereybody else except they have a cool philosophy to pretend to follow.

Magic- The satanic bible has magic spells in it and the church of satan practices magic rituals. Okay I'm sad that "Harry Potter" is over with too, but that still doesn't change the fact that MAGIC ISN'T REAL! There is no evidence of magic ever doing anything for anyone, and if it was real wouldn't that mean that people who practiced occult magic would be highly sucessful instead of wasting their lives chasing a fools gold? What I find ironic is that Anton Lavey's version of satanism does not believe in real beings called satan or god and claims logic and reason for this. Yet they believe in magical spells that Lavey randomly pulled out of his ass. (Or perhaps the collective asses of Aleister Crowley and some other occult weirdos.) It seems as if satanism is just as dogmatic other religions. It is misrepresentitive of someone to examine the evidence for someone elses religion and then
not apply the same skepticism to their own supernatural beliefs.

Satan- Okay so "Laveyian" satanists don't believe in an actual satan (or god) but instead believe that satan represents man's carnal nature (or whatever). Uh, why pick a bad guy from another religion and then pretend to worship it even though you have completly changed the meaning of it? The connection of satan to Lavey's ideas is dubious at best. I guess the satan character from the bible could represent rebellion and hedonisim, but he could represent other stuff. In the story of Job, Satan is "god's procecutor" so where would that fit in satanisim? Why even call the religion satanisim? Yeah I know buddhists call themselves buddhists and don't worship buddha- but they believe he existed and follow his teachings. But what satanists do is take a fictional character that was invented by a different religion and pretend to worship it. The only reason for this seems to be for attention. Satanists are using satan as a symbol for shock value, to scare people. This is pretty juvinaial, sort of like the little kid who eats dirt so the girls will say he is gross. It is ironic that satanists think of people as sheep, but feel the need to be the center of attention. According to the satanist philosophy they should be cunning, adapt themseves, and rise to the top, but by calling themselves satanists they probably label themselves as weirdos and avoid success.

Anton Lavey- I won't bother writting about how he was a liar and a con because aparently that is good that he was following his own philosophy and therefore deserved anything he conned from people. (OFF TOPIC: are any satanists interested in buying some magic beans?)
All I will say is that satanism is bullshit no mater how you look at it.


So you think you believe in "God"

I believe almost all religions believing in God believe and worship him in fear. If your god loves you, why would he send you to hell? Why is there such thing as the devil or demons or evil? Life is not simply categorized into two simple subjects: evil and good. And if you say it is, then wouldn't god be the evil one? There are more sins that you can achieve in life than good things you could ever do for god. Why not live life to the fullest and disregard your fear of God, because if God is the one to be afraid of, then you must simply be prepared for hell. Wouldn't everyone rather be on Satan's good side before ending up with him forever? If god is the most powerful, then why is Satan feared most?

Idea of satan

the woman in the "why i am not a satanist" article says the world already has a clearly defined idea of what Satan is. but everybody has different ideas, as individuals. As the many divided churches of god have their misinterpreted images, satanists have an entirely different view.

Any ignoramuses and violent fools need to visit the website of the church of Satan.

about being a true satanist

If satan don't exist like some new filosofy try to explain and a lot of things that they have writen abouy the none existentnce of imortal souls bla bla bla bla bla bla why bother is stupid to wright about something that don't exist we humans see the stars and the planets we map them and we think we own them.I think we are starting to crawl and that is very presumptuous to say that god or the devil don't exist

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