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ok, well i'm really not sure what to think about this website.. i dont believe in god at the moment.. i dont know whether the music i listen to influences this in anyway, but i am or was a muslim, and right now i'm just sort of questioning everything, and i heard something about satanism, so i decided that i'd do some research or whatever. i came to this site and was very interested in what it had to say.. considering the fact that i'm only 14. i doubt you'll actually reply to this, especially because it's a load of crap but whatever. anyways, i guess i'm just bitching about nothing, but i really dont know what to think. so far, my one true belief is that i shouldnt have to thank a supposed "god" in any way for something that i have suceeded in or anything, i think that i can take the credit for something that i have truly worked hard for, and i dont need to thank anyone or anything else. yeah, if you have any other information, please email me... my address is if you read this that is.

Satanism isn't for most people, I'm not to try and force a religion on anyone who doesn't "click" with it. So I don't care if you like it.

But at the least, in religoin, you DO need to question everything, make sure what you're doing is rational, otherwise you'll get abused. So you're going about it right by keeping skepticism and doubt and asking questions.

Anton LaVey says, "Question everything" and "Always ask what's in it, and for who!"

Ask a specific question, I'll give a specific answer.

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umm... i feel like an idiot doing this but i am thinking of becoming a satanist and need a few pointers.
1. what do you do to explain to your xtian friends that you don't worship the devil?
2. how do you really convert to satanism? is there a ritual/whatever?

Re: questions...

The choice is yours, but don;t be blinded by lies and half truths. Satanism is not the worshiping of Satan, this is true, but it is the acceptance and worshiping of everything that Christians fear, loath, or find impure. So you may tell yourself that you do not worship the Devil, but you worship everything he stands for, which is everything not considered inherently good. You wish to become his ally, and being the weaker of the two you will be his servant.

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i was interested in satanism and i found your website. i really like it. i learned many things from reading it. many things that i once thought were true about satanism i realised were not.
one questions though, are you gay? (im just curious) i read one page about how you and this guy aren't boyfriends anymore or some shit.

No I'm not gay... but you only live life once, I'll do whatever seems to be right.

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vexen i will be waiting on your reply to this....


y dont u go fuk urself fuk christians i was christians once and it brought nothin good to my life at the end i ask for somthing so simple nothin ever happens God is truely evil for not givein us wat can be simply givin to us and if he was all powerfull why did he have to rest on the 7th day??? u fukin tard give up christianity at the end its just a big waste of time all ur sundays fridays and shit u spend on God will leave u nothin and u will die and u will regret for ever thinkin for once God was real haha but enjoy ur life when u can when u die u get nothin no heaven to go to and no hell to fall to no sinners will be roasted in hell and no christians will go to heaven ether so go fuk urself and ur God i dont give a shit waste ur dam life bicth God dont exist when u pray ur talkin to a flat wall dumbshit

Vexen Crabtree

Do all Satanists look like Vexen? I've never been big on Satan, probably due to conditioning (fear of hell fire and all that) but if all Satanic guys look this tasty, I might be willing to harken unto "Old Scratch".

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Jesus said ther would be mockers in the last day. Repent of your sins and ask Jesus in your heart today.

this is Mo'Riff- because im not anonymous

christains like the ones who posted above are all assholes with a inferiority complex. they are so insecure with themselves because deep down they know they are following lies and to feel better about themselves they put down everything and everyone else who doesnt fit their mold. fuck the white lighters and hail satan...beeootch.

i agree with the above comment.
As for myself up untill just recently i have always been nonreligious or maybe somewhat agnostic but now since i have "questioned everything" till the point of insanity, i now have no belief in god. God didnt create us; we created him, and as for hell and satan their concepts were thought up to enforce fear in our confused minds to persuade us to follow the path of their righteousness. Now as to what my beliefs are labeled as, i do not know. Im thinking im atheist, but ive been told Satanist don’t have to believe in my question is what does this make me?

have faith

i really hope u get to kno god im going to be praying for i was like u at one time in my life the thing about u is you do believe in god u just have no faith have faith in our god

i will be praying for u your freiend R.G

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lick my nuts.
you're all fucking plumb-loco.

well said old chap but why use so many words?


Satan?.....Hmmm......sssss....aaaaaah.....I dont really believe in satan

Re: satan is real

satan is real but no the true god he is but a fallen angel a mere of glimmer of what he once was i am a child of the one true god but i am not there to put you down for that is not what the bible teaches. it teaches to love everry one no matter what they beleive for Jesus died for everyones!!!!!!!!! sins. may god show himself to all of you soon. i will pray for all of you even if you dont want it.

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Well I have just read Paradise Lost and that Book seemed to make something "Trip" inside pf me. My entire life has been all about the Christain religion and what God can do for me. My Father was just killed in a car wreck and the church that my mother and I currnently go to never helped. My mother works in a strip joint down town and has never been liked by the church except when my fahter was there. All this made me really mad I went on a started drugs. They got to expensive and had to quit. I then tried to see if I could in any way get some help from my paster. He said read paradise lost. Now here i am and see what Satanism is good for. I, of course, have always heard that satan is the bad one and he will make you burn in hell and all that BS. But when i read Milton I saw what was happening. God created Hell. God did not just creat hell for the hell of it.
My question is though, where will all this take me? I will not leave this religion and see that it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me but why?


Re: Hello


My name is Dawn

I am so sorry bout your dad. I am a christian and i dont understand your pastors actions, but im not authorized to judge. When jesus was on earth he spent most of his time with sinners. There is no reason for anyone to judge your mom. This is also what the bible teaches. I believe that only if you have walked in the shoes and the path of a person then you can judge and there is no way that anyone is capable of doing that. We all have our life experiences and we are all where we are because of it.

I dont understand satanism 100%, but i have no desire to do so. I have an absolute love for GOD. I will be a liar if i had to say that i am a saint and do only good. I too stray, but i think being a christian is about choosing to love people as much as yourself and choosing to remember that in all you do.

I am saddened by what you wrote as i would not wish it upon myself. I had some bad things happen to me as well and i wanted to blame God for them. I realize though that God's mind is not our mind and we will not be able to understand his actions, but being a christian means trusting them. It sounds stupid, but when you know anyone for a long time and they have always pulled through for you then it becomes so easy to trust them... even blindly.

A father took his 4yr old son to the dentist one day. He loved him dearly and always told him that. The dentist found a rotten tooth beyond repair and mentioned to the father that he would need to extract it. The father gave him the go ahead and tried to explain it to the son. The son was only four and lacked the knowledge of the father and therefore he refused to have this done. The dentist told the father to hold down the son as he extracted the tooth and he will make it as painless as possible. The father did this and as he held the son down the son looked at him with emotional pain and confusion saying '' you claim to love me and yet you allow this man to hurt me''. I love this story and think of it everytime i feel disappointed by God... HIS mind is not ours, just because we dont understand his actions does not make it bad.

It feels good when you learn to trust him though as nothing moves your foundations you as easily...

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Well i believe in God. I am not sure what you guy see in Satanism? Though unless you do not commit truely bad crimes god will still let you into his Kingdom as you are blind. Satan does not exist!

Re: Satanism

Of course Satan doesn't exist.

Good Vs Evil

If you lot ever seen the Bible? Or any other holy book? If you read what is inside. You will figure out that is says that God has already defeated Lucifier. Evil loses when love is in question.


I am a student currently in search of my truth... I have come across dualism. In my studies of dualism it looks at the conflicting nature of the universe and human perception. While these white lighters are claiming to purify the "darkness" from their soul, this is in turn a flawed goal. I belive this goal will create a dogmatic if you are not with us your against us for those who wish to seek out their own truths. Dogmatic views are pointless, in my intereptation you must give up free will to live in a pleaseant place. The claim that the bible is the absolute truth is absurd. People are forgetting to take in the validity of that information or any information they recive these days. Though I can see some truth in satanism I cannot find my truth in it. My ultimate goal in life is to transcend "good and evil" and live in balance.
I will say this, I cannot respect those 13 year old assholes that become satanist, just for the shock value.
I can respect someone who understands the philosophy behind it and can justify their belife in a rational way and that is what you have seem to done.

Re: Hey

I used to be on the darkside, but turned to the light. I can both understand why people go to the dark, but also understand why purifying our negativity is NOT dogmatic, but valid, unflawed and vital. And I agree that the bible is nowhere near the real truth. It was written by man, not God.

IWhen I turned to the darkside it through my negative emotions that were not dealt with. Fear that made me attack those I felt threatened by. Anger that made me attack those who had hurt me. And pride to keep a sense of false control - it was false because when negative emotions cause you to lash out you are not in control. And if a truck has no breaks...

Which leads me onto purifying your soul. Unless you cleanse your negative emotions and thoughts you will keep on repeating the old mistakes be it abusive relationships through lack of self worth or angry actions which always have their comeback. These negative feelings never go on there own; they fester inside and eat you up from the inside out. Only by purifuing them and releasing them will you ever be free. Only when you release you negative beliefs about yourslef and cleanse your negative emotions will you be able to accept yourself as you are - then you start to find your Peace and balnce. And once you have achieved that then you extend it to others naturally - you want others, ALL others to find the happines that you have. You naturally start to treat yourself and others with respect and love, and accept them as they are. If you have no negativity to feed others with, and do not hold onto other peoples negativity, then it will disipate. Eventually, when the angry people realise that no one is responding to their anger as they were hoping, they will stop trying, and will then start to question why it isn't working, where are they going wrong... then they will realise too. And on it goes. Thjis is not merely possible, but inevitable. But if you refuse to cleanse then you will not change. And that will lead to doom for no one but yourself.


Hi Vexen and all,
I knew and sat with Alex Sanders who was a ritual magician and was very fond of him but took his friendship for granted due to my age and circumstances during the early 80s. I experimented with mind altering drugs 30 years ago and stayed with the Hare Krisna people at Bakti Devanta Manor. I was baptized as a teenager but rejected christianity only to continue to puzzle over truth and the nature of soul/self/permanence etc. My view of satanism is that they are either very able to understand ideas, arguments and concepts or inclined to be obedientelly impressed by such ability and presentation.

The tale of the 5' chopsticks (see Buddhism)I heard told in 1967 during school assembly by teacher Eric Smith, a salvationist music teacher who ran the school brass band and taught with patience and compassion the least able and problematic pupils in the secondary school. The meaning of the story was immediatelly apparent to me as an 11 year old and has remained with me. The explanation given on this site appeared to view the story cynically and disregarded the simple message. The inclination to cynically conceptualise from a centred perspective is apparent from the satanic perspective offered and I suggest that the story's meaning can paradoxically offer direct insight into the very nature of that cynical perspective. The intellectual confidence that typifies satanism will I beleive play a crucial role in the final button pushing madness that will almost certainly signal the finality of life on this planet. Whether we are cleverly right or wrong is secondary to the notion that the best final survivor was able to say "fuck you" louder and more effectively than anyone else,!.

What I think might be of more interest to the post armageddon celestial visitor is that the final survivor understood the principle of karmic reciprocity but chose not to apply it as a final profound act and declaration of aspiring humanity. Also that humanity ultimately failed to offer the humble acknowledgment that we didn't know it all but that we did know it was better to say "bless you" rather than "fuck you". How would a satanist put it? "Suck my xxxx, Satan".

Satanists aren't anybody's enemies

I just wanted to say Vexen how much I appreciate the information on your site as a great source for what Satanists and LaVeyan Satanism is about. I'm planning to write an essay or two for the Witches' Voice to encourage some Neo-Pagans to shed their very biased views towards Satanists, because they whine on like Christians at times. Don't let these people get you down when they blanket-post about how they're praying for you - it's only those insecure in what they believe that feel they have to prove it by pressing it on everybody else.


Re: Satanists aren't anybody's enemies

I hate to point it out, but all the satanists I have come into contact with (and there have been many) have all done what those "Neo-Pagans" do and have tried to force their views (one actually saying that if anyone disagrees with his beliefs he will use his black belts in 10 traditions of martial arts to tear them apart). If that is not pressing it on others I don't know what is. And at least the Neo-Pagans you mention do it in a less agressive way. It's called caring.

And if satanists are so secure in their beliefs, why would they get down because of a few soppy messages?

Bit of a paradox that, innit?


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