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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Church of Satan

"The Church Of Satan" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)

all hail

One of the "Sheep"????

Well, I have always believed in educating myself on anything that I comment on so I have spent the last 4 hours reading about the "Church of satan" And I'll say this. It seems to me that the very people that claim the masses are "The Herd" are in fact more conformist than the people they accuse! I decided to look into this so called church after reading about it on a info spot on a video. And now, I'm more convinced than ever that most of the people who join are in fact looking for acceptance into a social group of some sort. The remainder seem to be child minded people who want to show off in some way. Either way, I fear that the majority have no idea what they are doing or risking! I'm not bashing your church! I'm simply asking you to thourowly educate yourselves on the history of This "church" and see if you find as many holes in the stories as I did! Many time troughout history people have tried to use religion to profit themselves ie. David Keresh, Charlie Manson etc. these people were nothing more than cons! Please! Educate yourselves!!!! I'll leave you with this. If you in fact believe that God doesn't exist simply because you do not see proof in front of you consider this. Wouldn't it be a better idea to play it safe??? What will you do when you die if you are standing at the gates of Heaven and are denied entry and sent to suffer in hell??? Not too cool of an idea huh??? satan cares for no one but himself! Your preist even tells you that!

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My Entity...

I need to contact someone who is involved in my area. I'm from Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa...

Can you assist me.....?


Re: My Entity...

Hi. Did you find a place?

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Satan rox da undaworld

Hay fellow satanists im from sydney oz and i find that there need to be more facilitys. also how may i find other satanists round sydney, are there say any calling cards like "dude" or a tatoo on der cheeks perhaps ???

Re: Satan rox da undaworld

The registered members of the CoS carry a card to identify, you cant contact them unless you become a member, that doesnt mean that you have to become a member to be a satanist.Im sure there are satanist near you, look in the internet. Just be aware from devil worshippers and other kinds of missunderstood satanism.

http://www.satannet.com/lttd/ubbthreads.php Get involved.

Hail Satan.

church of satan

I have just read the Satanic bible and having gonethrough some shit in my life, its all so clear now. Its like if you did wrong and u know u did wrong then u can learn from that experience and move on, or if so inclined you would do it again, thats why I feel I can relate to the church of Satan becasue its all about human instinct more than some god controling every action. I would just like to say that your church has made some VERY interesting points and I thanlks you for that.

Re: church of satan

I am very happy that someone thinks like me. Thank you for your statement!

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Re: note

brandy, it's obvious you don't who lucifer is and with your reaction you will not gain shit!
if satan or lucifer is your problem, you are your own problem!!
read about satanism before you go out and talk to your personal deamons! rege satanas est

Devil Worshipers/Satanists are nothing but low-down dirty scum, and they are all going to burn in hell.

i am a christian and i do not think that that is doing any particular good. we should love these people and help them work through their pain. i've been where they are. an uncontrollable rage focused at anything and everything. only the forgiveness and understanding of a few people who showed me love and care brought me back. i went to a christian school however i think that it is sad that it is one of the least christian places i have been. it is very cliquish and not very loving. the people there are ruthless. however now i am thankful to know that they were not the face of christianity. i do not judge i leave that up to God because he has a whole lot more wisdom than i do. Jesus did not come to condemn if he did then we would all be in huge trouble. because i know that i don't deserve to go to heaven and neither do you or anyone else. it is only through the love of Jesus Christ that i have been saved. and it is a wondrous and glorious feeling that i finally belong somewhere. i urge anyone who has had a bad experience with christians not to base your opinion of christianity solely on them everyone has some kooks and weirdos. Christ is not about judgment He is about love he came and died on the cross for you so you could be with him. Jesus is begging you to come to Him but he loves you so much that he is not going to force you to. we all have sinned and made mistakes but Jesus forgives us and loves us no matter what. no sin is unforgivable to him. i urge you to investigate Christianity for yourself. what would it be like if i based my entire opinion of satanists on the typical view of witches? just admit that you are a sinner and ask for God's forgiveness and he will give it to you. after that it doesn't matter anymore God has forgotten about it. he doesn't hold it against you. i don't know why people suffer but i know that i could not have made it this far without the love of jesus. for a long time i was suicidal. and the love i was shown through Christ gave me hope.

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would like to learn a little more please contact
Ramona Gattis 662-438-7181 or 6622795432

My name is Chase McCarhty and a few months ago I was fired from United super market,I was fired because of my satanic view's.My manager who was a christian fired me for reasons still to this day unknown by me.I think that it is complete bullshit and is a direct slap in the face of all Satanist's.

yeah thats the way it goes dont worry your boss is a complete fuck wit.
not many people understand and never will so i just say lets not give them something to bitch about.

can you please help me

can anyone here please help me i live in the uk infact wales to be precise is there any churches of satan or any affiliations with the church in the uk and wales you can contact me on my email which is as follows darksoul_in_bloodlust@yahoo.com all and any information will be greatfully receved thank you



new member


i am henry billson from uk , i will like to be your church memeber and invite my friend in africa in countrie like Nigeria, ghana and togo which i will have to librate them ,i will like to have your resonse

Re: new member

Hi, Henry pls i ll also like to b a member i am in Nigeria, and also wish to librate some people from africa especaily from nigerai.

Hi, I'm Nick, just joined

Would like to get in touch with other Satanists in the UK to discuss what's going on, or what could go on.

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Re: " Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

I will never come to your site again but i tried to wake you up.

"Informal Inquest"

You know what? In person, if anyone will just genuinely allow me into their lives and truly grant all my sincere requests on this planet: One will clearly see one of the most amazing gifts on Earth every human will definitely love. If one will grant my sincere requests that will be told in person: You will see my offer everyone will definitely chersih forever. As always, it's only a choice. Your choice.

Kind Regards,


Re: "Informal Inquest"

help me im tebza frm jhb alexandra in
south africa i would luv to join pls contact me and give me the details 0725904587