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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Cult and Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism

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cult and ritual mind control tactics

ifound your essay very interesting. your work underlines some well thought out theories.

Cult and Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism

I found this article very interesting, and just wanted to say that i have found many of the tactics you mention are prevalent in the BDSM lifestyle (love bombing etc)

satinism x

Is it possible to have the other person have dreams of you is it
possible to have dreams of what is gonna happen in the future?

mind control tactics

I have just read your pages as per the subject line. Could you offer any suggestions for putting the mind control tactics to use on one's self in a solo rite? Kii Jones


Why do you call yourself a Satanist? Use of this term implies the existence of God. But it seemed from your site that you prefer to believe God does not exist. Now God is a general term, but if you use the word Satan, then you make an indirect reference to the "Christian" God.

But that is neither here nor there. You writings have much to do with the conflict between good and evil. Actually, the great struggle, from a Christian point of view is not "good vs evil." It is "life vs. death." Would not a true Satanist then be an advocate of death. Death, and ultimately the destruction of all things living would be your goal. That would make you an anarchist. By they way, given this precept, one would assume, the more death and destruction one caused by the end of his or her life, the greater their position would be in the Kingdom of Satan. Of course, the truly great would also endure much pain and suffering and finally die a horrific death.

For a person to submit to such a great and painful sacrifice to the end of their life must surely expect great things from Satan himself.

Now you call yourself a Satanist, which implies the Satan existing in opposition to the Christ of God. This Satan is called the Father of lies. What assurance do you have that you are not being deceived?

What is my point in all this? Why not just call yourself and Anarchist?

You say "But it seemed from your site that you prefer to
believe God does not exist" but you say it strangely.

I don't "prefer" to believe God doesn't exist.. I am SURE it doesn't.

You are confused about Satanism... try the "Who is Satan?" pages:

It does not "imply" the existence of God to say "Satan". There are many who believe in a good god without believing in an equally powerful bad god... likewise, there are those who believe in an evil god, without the existence of a good god.

Christianity, mind you, only belives in ONE god. Satan is not a God in Christianity. Satan, in Satanism, is not Christian, not a fallen angel and not a "god". There are no gods.

Most Satanists believe that SATAN IS THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF REALITY AND SELF. Although historically "Satan" as a Hebrew word was used by the Christians, it wasn't INVENTED by Christianity nor is the Christian use of religious terminology the only valid use.

If you want to know about Satanism... find out what Satanists believe... don't go randomly read OTHER books like The Quran, The Pali Buddhist Scriptures, The Christian Bible, etc... it's blatantly a mistake to try and learn about a religion by reading the WRONG bibles!

Satan IS death, yes... but this only makes life more special, more meaningful and more loved! To know that there is no afterlife is to focus your life wonderfully.

All life dies, death is the ultimate victor, but don't assume that this means Satanists' WANT death! Don't be stupid, we don't, we want life! And as much of it as possible!

This site is a disgrace. It is paranoia gone to seed.
The rantings of a persecution complex; and your grammar is apalling.
Whoever you are, with your invented name, you have the intellectual capacity of a runt mollusc.
You haven't the foggiest when trying to present an argument.
As though you had one.
You could always try knitting.
Have fun.

For one thing, Satan means "agressor" and is merely the anti of God thru the entire bible, never seen as one true entity. He was the symbol of anything seen as sinful, or against our "heavenly father". And another thing, NLP is a form of mind control (Neuro Lingustic Programming) and if you dont believe that it is used in Christian Churches then you are sadly mistaken, and most likely one of the sheeple.

learning can be fun

I'm sorry, but if you have a pre-existing problem with Satanism, you probably shouldn't have come to this web site in the first place. From a totally objective point of view i find this site very informational and well organized. Why take the time to be bombastic? you could always try knitting too, you know.


Just correcting an error in the Caution section, Vex.

"With these emotions comes susceptibility, which I why I always advise you check up on the details of the Ritual leader."

I think you mean "...which IS why I always advise you TO check up on the details..."

I love your site, man. Reading through it gives me comfort knowing there's an entire sub-culture out there who's foundation is the things that I've always felt, thought, and lived by. Conclusions I've already come to through my own reasoning and zest for life! How refreshing! Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.
Luvya, dude.


Thanks for the spelling correction, it is fixed now. And thanks for the feedback :-)

Re: Typo

Hi Ramee,
I'm sorry you have always felt this way about life. You have very thick walls around your heart. I guess you may have been abused as a child. Whatever you have suffered, if you were abused, i'm really sorry and it was wrong and not your fult. Abuse can prompt certain "Gut" feelings about life but even the deepest "Gut" instinct can be wrong. Proof? We all have different feelings and convictions on the same subject because of our past experience. I guess the point i'm trying to make is, You cant always trust your feelings. I challenge you to consider, "My feelings could be wrong." Truth is out there, you really need to ask God, whoever he is to show it to you.

...continue this sentence, please

"Exit costs can be high, especially in more popular religions, as a person's entire social life can be based around the Church, creating a high exit cost of combined"

Of combined what?

Re: ...continue this sentence, please

This page is three years old, I really don't remember what I was going to say... anway, I've editted that and the previous paragraph.

We know Satan's seecrets!

We know Satan's secrets, for example, did you know his original name was "Lucifer" which means the "Light Bearer". There's heaps more. If you want to know all about who he really is and where he originally came from email We might even know more about him than you do. Now that's a thought!

Re: We know Satan's seecrets! is a detailed look at the history of "Lucifer" as a name for Satan. Yes, there is 'heaps more' too.

Wow, oh Wow..

Whether you will still view these comments 5 years later or not, I don't know, but if you do, I want to extend a sincere thanks.

Being a naturally suspicious person about other people's/group/religions motives, I usually try to keep my mind open.

But reading through these bits of information, even though they are small, has made me think of how many times I have been duped by them... - and by extension when I think about the methods in a critical thinking mindset - they are cultish/ the surrender or hijacking of spirit/personality/mind.

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