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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

Choose God or satan


Pray to God or Satan, nah jus pick up the paper!!!

Thank you!

Re: Choose God or satan

for once of all how good became bad its A fact of truth reality
fits in with fate but hope theres no such thing as fate.......
this story defines human nature...
At the beginning gods best and finest angel was glucifer the lord
favoured as one of his best creatures and trusted in him.
one day glucifer asked god if he could have the same power as he
and share the rule of almightyness in his will...with no answer
glucifer was gealious and new the answer was no.So he wanted to be
worshiped and control everything but in his ways he was smart and wise
for the hate grew worser after god wouldnt pay attention to him no more
because god can see past and future and new who he will become of...
with time going by glucifer had spoken of A better universe and better
heavens of all kind instead of one great one as thee,he said everyone
would be worshipped as gods and no laws like the ten commandments will
be made. so after glucifer currupted heaven and poisioned angels minds
with tempt and filth st. micheal and the top arch angels fought A war and
forced satan out of heaven than the lord punished him with A beastly
figure instead of A beautiful made angel he was cursed of uglyness forever
than tossed in the lake of fire to continue his fall in the bottomless pit
him and A third of the angels in heaven fell down to the horrible torment
of ever lasting furnace of fire...A third of millions and millions of
angels were tempted by the devil and only very much but not as many kept
the side of the truth, satan was prisioned for 1000 years of being trapped
until he is lose again.god new glucifer was going to be evil and let some
follow his dark way and said they'll be destroyed why did'nt he do it then?
to set A example for the remaining angels left,if he deleted them then it
would show that he wants all to love and respect him or else...but no god
wants to show he loves all no matter what...thats why he let the devil and
his serpents be free but not intirely 1000 years is already here and means
evil will take see god did'nt destroy satan yet because
glucifer in the beginning wanted to make A better universe and live A life
without boundaries so god let him to show the other angels A example of
what happens when someone ettempts to be better than him tests him to be
the same as actual god himself...and just look at the results....
our everday life carjackings,muggings,aids,murder,suicide,abortion,and war.
are just satans results of his change and turned worse satans hate for
god is deep as the sea...his cold blackened heart isnt A heart at all...
so you tell me what side im on the truths side....
the devil wants you to either believe other gods or dont believe in A god
at all so that when the days of christ are near and events of apaculypse
take place it will be easier for him to trick many in following him
to eternal death....for those with faith you dont have to go to churchevery
day but believe in him and pray to the lord you will recieve eternallife...
dont be tricked by the trickster he shows no mercy and theres no
participation by his side........are you afraid to die....
or do you want to live forever........

Re: Choose God or satan

you people are lost over your expanding minds
dont you get it he wants you not to beleive in god
god is real he just does'nt come from the bible
he is life representing life of yours and mine
these are the days of salvation
these are the days of god
hear his word would be so strong
the wicked will cover their ears with tears
as I walk through A valley of death
I shall fear no evil in the afterlife
fear not whom that kill the body....
fear whom who kills both body and
soul in hell....
get behind me satan and push-eth me along....
all the power I give to you
all that shall not worship me shall die...
and who ever worships me shall never die.....
come through the bitch as he walks through the door backwards...
our father who arth in heaven........
our be thy kingdom come........
HEY MUTHA-PHukKka.......its shocking terror figure pears behind the door...
........see ya around......
............buddy boy.......

Re: Choose God or satan

Impact of A Legend Eric Wright (EAZY-E) all you devil worshipin mutha-phukaz
I hope you learn your lesson
Im pretty sure E" did.....


wow you really are a satanist arent you never knew that there were so many people that hated GOD Im surprized by this but not really. Satan is taking control of weak peoples souls. i do feel kind of bad for you , i mean ur all going to burn eternally in hell but hey you deserve it.anyway ya i just wanted to tell all of you people the truth so there it is and theres nothing you can do about it except repent and pray GOD takes you back because you are definitely not worthy of him.
thank you,
fulled fledged christian for life

Re: omg

Dude the guy who wrote this has a small faith. Nobody deserves to be saved, we're saved by grace.

Why r u a killer?

Hey its joanne duncan here,im jst writing to ask you why the hell are you such a killer?R u infact the real satan?something inside makes me believe u r..i feel a burning sensation from inside at the sound of ur name!!!! i to am a satan believe believe with me???? to contact me please e-mail

You wrote this in 2005.I hope you are still alive to read this if the devil haven't sucked the life out of you - you see that's what he does, he steals, kills and destroys.

I will be praying for you that you would know the truth and be set free from the lies and bondage of your current existence.

May the love and warmth of God fill your heart everytime you read this.

He loves you, you know.

God loves you, and there is a God. He created Satan, and there is a Satan.
God wants to help you, but first you have to give your whole life to him. Then, everything else will seem like nothing. Your job will blossom, just like everything will.

your essay about no godor satan

mate,thanks do much it did make me laugh...yes you want a job ...well going and fucking look for it.

trouble is for POOR me I NEED some kind of religion...without ..well why not gun to the head,call me a wimp whattever ,but just to consume ...have kids ect (various cliches),well for me ther is no real point to that.

Nialishm as a concept is fundemently flawed,well,I don,t know when i am with my daughter...and she see,s "something else"som magic.....I WILL NOT deny that to her.

Mat I used to be a mainlining junky ,living in some squat,I am now a Director of photography with over 10 feature films to my I know about not relying on gods.
but for me the old pagan magic,call you what you like,created things and YES IT WORKED...without magic and mystery...LIFE IS JUST VERY FUCKING DULL,
and I,d prefer to become a suicide bomber,and at least die..for a cause.

with respect brother,it was a funny article,but I don,t think that was the point of trying to work out why we are alive...Nietche..well he inspired the nazis ..did,nt he?

enjoy the tortures of hell my friend, satan does not like you,he wants you to suffer as justly as he will be doing in the lake of fire the fire of burning sulphur,he is jealous that human kind can be right with God .Have faith god loves you.Youre a disciple of satan and you will recieve your just rewards repent now and have every thing you want in gods name.

Up to you live or die

Yeah god is great satan sucks ass.Satan is going to fuck you up. god is going to bring you home Satanist there a bunch of schrizos aint they.Satan is decieving at present but when all the dead are judged,he will be chained in his pit read revelations there he will scream for eternity .You mMark 9:43-48
"The fire is not quenched and worm shall dieth not

The worms will eat away at your body and soul.


is it real??,u can see how Satan is...?,or is just a story?,seriously....


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