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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

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I am interested in the possibilities satanism may provide w.r.t hedonism. However i find some of the arguments presented in various internet pages discouraging. i know i'm naieve about these things.
e.g Christians will turn the other cheek: surely mass warfare and the design and implementation of sophisticated weapons of destruction (i.e nuclear, chemical, biological) which can be used by theastic peoples in good conscious would negate this argument. Are not the monotheastic religions an excellent example of destroying people who have "annoyed" you in your lair.
e.g. The main religions require you to lick the arse of god while asking for for favours. Surely "God" is the creator of infinite Sun's, has given us the "freewill" for infinite torture's and unasked for miseries. I have agreed/support the Irish Republican arguments for years. A particular group the INLA has used retribution methods which are in line with your doctrines since its' inception. Many of these people are agnostic, communist,& baptised catholic(although like myself non-believers).
e.g. Freewill & Sex, if were lucky were all at it and feeling good.
e.g Death is a victory for satanism(possibly over god) death drives evolution, with limited resources (on earth) death is absolutely necessary, death is overblown because of human(& elephant") reaction to it, we are animals.

This is not an attack on satanism. I'm an out an out hedonist (with all (hopefully) it entails. A qualified Marine Bioligst. Not an outsider or inferior (looking for something to readdress the balance) in social circumstances. From what i can see all the pure practising people in your beliefs are non satanists, are you sweeping up the debris?
This is a genuine enquiry, have no axe to grind & would genuinely love to be enlightened (lucifer?).

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