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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

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Please, dont be a satanist.

Anyone who has lost faith in God must have had something really bad happen. I never used to be religious, you know, I prayed to God now and then and was a nice person but that was it. I was baptised Catholic. Then I hit high school, got bullied severely by everyone. I was constantly bashed, spat on, made fun of, humiliated and teased. I made the choice then to become a christian. It seemed I had no one to turn to, so I tried God. In the start of the next year I was told we were moving far, far away (four hours) from my school so I would be attending a small christian college. It has opened up my eyes to God even more and made me realise I have been saved. Although I feel I have already been saved from hell (my old school). As a 13 year old I made my own choice to become a christian and I have never looked back or regretted it. My philosiphy on christianity is this: I'm not sure what God is or if he exists for sure but one thing I know is that believing in him makes us better people. Please consider this before you waste your life on satanism. You may think us christians are bible-bashers and so on, so forth but that's just not true. All the kids at our school all have more fun than at any other school. So in conclusion I leave you with this: Commit yourself to God and pray to him and watch things grow in your life.

Re: Please, dont be a satanist.

Don't forget I live in a non-religious country, UK, and I hardly actually know many people who were brought up to believe in God. It's not true, therefore, that "something bad" had to happen to "make" me stop believing... it's the other way round... somethings HAS to happen to make me believe something... I don't take beliefs, or truth, lightly and consider them to be sacrosanct... therefore my beliefs are grounded firmly in common sense, intelligence and a continual effort to understand truth.

Contribute to my effort and perhaps put forward an argument as to why you think god(s) exist... otherwise, you're rhetoric has been a waste of time.

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