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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

Read essay online and leave comment here

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I was never a Christian, I was raised with no religious beliefs in a country with very few religious beliefs. Therefore my Satanism is not a reaction against any particular religion; but merely (for me) an exercise in self-development and sociology.

Why I am a Satanist?

Religion in Britain:

Re: curious

have you tried Christianity?


I haven't "tried" any religions.

If I come to /believe/ in the clauses of a religion then it might be possible to say that I'd come to start "trying" out that religion. But just faking it is shallow, delusional, desperate and plain odd.

Why do you think I should try that particular religion instead of, say, Buddhism, Islam, Bahai, Hindu, etc?

(Deleted comment)

web site

hey, have you been to the site is about proving the bible wrong, go there, you might enjoy it

you guys have no life

you all have nothing better to do in your life but preach on how you 'DONT BELEIVE IN A GOD' but in reality you do because why fight something that "DOESNT EXIST" so shut up and find a GOD DAMN LIFE your all just CUNTS THAT HATE LIFE because its been "crual to you" yet you still havent killed your self so theres something stoping you so just SHUT THE FUCKING HELL UP AND GET LAID!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: web site

doesnt prove it rong... it tries too....

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