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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

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Re: Why the bitterness?

Um, yes there is different versions of Satan. Muslims have theirs, they also have demons and Djinn{genie}. The ancient Hebrews/jews version of Satan{Torah/prophets/Old Testament}-Satan was one of two things to them- a mere symbol or a not fallen but rather holy Angel of God that acted as a prosecuter in the angelic heavanly courts of bibelgod{like the angel of death; not an evil/fallen angel-but rather that was it's given job; Satans was the god given job of heavanly prosecuter}.
The pre-islamics believed in 'Shaitan', other religions beleived in and had their own versions of Satan w/different titles or names.
The Christian version of Satan was a mix of the Hebrew and of concepts of ancient mystery pagan religions devils.

Bill Baker

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