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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

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Re: Why the bitterness?

wow you people really are pathetic...seriously...GOD?? wow who said that? if GOD cared so much, why are we the way we are? Sorry Satan doesnt wipe our asses for us like GOD says he will but is NEVER there...Satan's not a fake or keeps empty promises, he doesnt CLAIM to do something, yet NEVER follows through with it. Nope not him...GOD does all bloody time though, if I had a chance to kill God, I would take it in a heart beat, no thinking about it...
I think you people need to stop wallowing in self pity and get a grip on your bloody life...seriously its sickening...
How about show me something GOD has done for us and Ill show 10 things he show me ONE thing GOD has said he's going to do and followed through with it and ill show you 5 things Satan has said and has done...
until you can prove that your worthless GOD isnt worthless, why dont you stop living in a fake world people, there's some of us out here who arent and your ruining it for us all.

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