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Vexen Crabtree 2015

God or Satan?

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Re: Evil exists

I have quoted your argument, then replied to each statement in bracketts ( like this)
Evil exists (Why? How? Origin?)
God and Satan are the same. (black is white, white is black?)(oh, and What God in particular?)
Both represent evil in it's purest form. (Though they oppose eachother and contradict eachother?)

Until we as a people, accept this, evil will prevail.

We must cast off this excuse for our own foul actions. (I don't use the existence of God as an excuse to perform evil, nor that of Satan.)
(Also, Define Evil. Where there is no opposites there is no contrast. If satan and umm... some god.. not sure which one... are both the same and represent evil, how can they be seperate entities? if there is no light, there is no dark. Also, what is defined as Good? Origin?)
Gods and devils represent our own inadequacies. ( now we have a plurality of entities that are in fact all the same, though this violates any religon that has any kind of dualistic basis, i.e. good vs evil,)

Once we accept this, we stand a chance of achieving some form
of decency. (how so? what outside influence will act on us to avoid the *evils* that come from a belief in *gods and devils*? Is it in us to find good? By who, or what's example?)

As long as God/Satan exists in our fantacies, we will
continue to excuse our own hatreds. (We now state that all these *entities* who's influence is the only means buy which we are led into evil are only fantacies, not real entities, how can they be so dangerous? What other fantacies must we also avoid? Or having, as you said, destroyed these *gods and devils*, we are now to take the responsability for our own actions, some of which must be inferred by your words, as unwanted, or *evils born from our own hearts and not from a *fantasy*, are we not still left with evil? So we get rid of *fantasies* that cause us to do evil, and now are left only with ourselves to blame and still possess the ability to perform evil acts.)

Lets kill this evil. NOW!
The future is ours. ( yes, you own your future, and all it's sins. removing *gods and devils* will not remove evil. Therefore, if evil resides and presides both in our imaginary beliefs in *God and Satan* and in ourselves after they are gone... the origin of evil is in fact US for it is we who do the believing, we who do the dreaming, we who own the fantasies and perform the actions, and must take responsability for them, If we are to *kill this evil, NOW!* then we must destroy ourselves to truly succeed. And isn't self preservation good and self destruction a greater evil then most? Your arguement leeds nowhere but back to the begining, back to you, and finally to a true Fantasticly Fatal form of intellectual suicide."

Go Back to the drawing board. Genesis chapter 1, and start again.

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