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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Devil Worshipping

"Devil Worshipping" by Vexen Crabtree

Whoever made this site shall surely be judged by the Almighty God who created you. Unless you repent and come to Jesus Christ.

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The blood of Jesus is not againt you, it will save you from the bondage to satan. Jesus loves you. Satan hates you. Satan wants to kill you.

An Earthquake kills 26 6 year old children... God is doing a very good job of killing the innocent, your God is the same as Satan.

"I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace and create evil; I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things" Isaiah 45:7.

When you accuse Satan of wanting to kill me, just think about who exactly you think created Satan.

God doesn't exist, or is evil, deal with that however you want.

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you guys are crazy! what makes you think there is no God? Who created this world? You are being used, seriously misled, please rethink what your doing. Satan is a lier and a cheater,he is not to be trusted please read the Holy Bible, turn from your ways, this isn't the way to go. There is a hell, and it is very much so real!!!

Fuck off, you brainless moron, go kill a baby and send it to heaven or something.

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I couldn't help but notice that there are quite a number of negative comments directed toward this site. That I did not understand. There are many different religions in this world, and none can be prooven to be either right or wrong. so with that in mind, I believe that we must give each one the respect it deserves, despite the fact that it may not be what we believe.

I don't really understand it either... I think religion inspires the worst in people!

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love thy neighbor. Even though he is a devil worshipper

These people are truly fascinating. they are very brave to give themselves to others. what I mean is that their appearance is NOT for public display. every time I go out I am stared at and people say very rude things behind my back. This is not apropriate, because I look different does not mean that others can judge me because I am not "one of them." This world's society of people who consider themselves "normal" or perfect is absolutely gay. everyone is different and the way I dress is not for public display. second of all, everyone believes in so many different religions. Whether you're a catholic, christian, buddhist, or devil worshippers as what many call it. This world of critisism is not very pleasing and a disapointment to me and others. this religion is not practiced by many but it still has people who follow these guidelines and other things that some may need in order for them to carry on in life. Whatever the case may be, everyone finds their own religion that they feel comfortable about. Okay then, you have your religion and we have ours! period!

Re: love thy neighbor. Even though he is a devil worshipper


wanting to join the church of satan

Hi I am interested in contacting a member or members of a satanist church because I would like to join one so if you can help me join through a website or a phone number or even through e mail than please e mail me at D_archangle0205@aol.com I would appreciate it as well I would like as much information about it as possible thanks.

devil worshiping

I was looking for something to get info from and you provided me with what i was looking for thank you. Gracias.

Sincerly, Pilar


If you are close to satan, maybe you can asnwer me if Bill Gates has some deal with the devil that makes him very rich. Or perhaps i'm wrong and Bill Gates is the devil himself ?

If God or Satan decide to one day grace us with their presence, that is indeed one of many question I have for them. But I wont hold my breath.

Come on man, do you really believe on this stuff ? The conception of devil is all based on the old religions by catolic church, so it can gain control of everyone, TO MAKE MORE MONEY. If there is a god it is MONEY AND POWER this esoteric bullshit was made to avoid morons to kill thenselfs by useless characters of their lifes...

The devil is a part of many religions older than the Catholic Church and Christianity. Religions such as Zoroastrianism had a much more clear concept of a Devil.

Jesus The Saviour

Well let me tell You something about Satin. Satan lives on this earth to destroy people Like YOu. GOD isnt killing innocent people, It is the devil that is doing it. You guys who worship Satan are bunch of hypocrits and immoral. God does lives in everyone of us. We are Gods children. You guys must repent to God to be saved or You will be suffering through Eternal life.So Save Your Soul and dont Worship the Devil. But it doesnt worry me if you want to suffer. So Pray to god. He is the Saviour. You need to back to the original religion which is christianity. Go to a christian church , Go confess and eat the body of christ. Save Your Souls. God DID NOT KILL THE INNOCENT PEOPLE.HE HAD GIVEN YOU THE FREE WILL. IF YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND USE YOUR FREE WILL TO FOLLOW SATAN STEP BACK AND THINK AGAIN OF YOUR ETERNAL LIFE>

Re: Jesus The Saviour

Fuck off, mindless loser.

First point: Christianity is not "the original religion", Judaism, Hinduism, Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, animism, shamanism, etc, are some of the many examples of religions that existed before Christianity.

Second point: Souls are not real.

Third point: There is no god, it's a pipe dream.

Fourth point: There was no Jesus.

Also, calling people "immoral" and "hypocrites" just because they're not the same religion as you is pretty childish don't you think?

If you read the Christian bible, you will see that God *DOES* kill innocent people. For example, the Bible says that he created death because Adam and Eve ate the apple, before then, there was no death. GOD created all death, no-one else.

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u should be ashamed !!!!!

u should be ashamed of ur self to warship the devil !!!!!!!!!!!!how could you .... La illaha illa allah mouhamad rasola el allah !!! comeon belive in god ! not the devil ... its no good for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wise up !!!! ITS THE DEVIL , he's damn !!! a3ozouh mena el shaytan el rageeem !

Re: u should be ashamed !!!!!

If believing in God means my text speak comes out sounding like you, then no thanks. Dude, learn to communication properly will you?

Reply Looser

Devil worshippers beleive in God and try to fight Jesus by joining the so called 'Devil' forces.
But how can you be a slave of God's slave?

It's just illogic! And you should know that this Life has an end here!!!
So don't be too proud here!Cause soon there'll come a day, when you're face to face with God (The real one).
And I want to ask a question:How can you trust the most untrustable creature or person?
I'll leave you with your consciousness!
Waiting for you to reply!
_|_LOOSERS You just all suck!
Your interior rusted and I'm so disgusted !

Re: Reply Looser

i think your being to harsh, people should believe in what they want and if he wants to believe in the deveil let him, i don't believe in the devil, or god, but let the bloke be, who he wants to be.

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Satanists are not the smartest people, since they choose death.

A comment to your quote from the satanic bible: "Here and now is our day of joy!"

That may be true because there will be no joy when God has kicked the devil and his companions into the sea of fire, the second death.


don't judge a book by it's cover

yous people please don't judge a book by it's cover, no one knows what sides evil and what's sides good! and thoses who wants to be devil worshipper or whatever then that's up to them not us, has none of yous ever heard of the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" or the "don't judge a person before you know them" no ones perfect and no ones good or evil.

hey what is that on the homepage of devil worshipers? is that the devils foot?

yes you dumb fuck!!!!!!!!!