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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Devil Worshipping

"Devil Worshipping" by Vexen Crabtree

God is stupid

If you worship god then your just stupid God dont help anything!!! You just waste your time on some one who isnt real! Satan is real and every one should worship him

Re: God is stupid

i could of written this myself, i like you :)

Listen here fuck you mother fucker. I can go by whatever goddamn name I choose. I call myself a satanist because it flows off my tounge more fluently than devil worshiper. Sure I don't have all the same believes as the satanists, but I do believe that the satanic comandments of Anton LaVey are valid and a good set of guidlines to help you through life. I don't think that it's very fucking fair to call me immature and what ever the fuck else just because my diety is a fallen angel that I feel will win in the end. I believe in evil. Always have my whole life. Satan emobies evil therefore i worship him. I believe most of what is said in the bible. This is due to the fact that it was based on truth only twisted through the cristian perception. Well anyway it's certainly not fair to assume that I, the saposed devil worshiper, knows nothing of the bible, seeings how i've read it both straight through and the christian suggested chronography. Another thing thats bothering me is that if the church of satan is all about self and the indulgence in cardnal sin then how could that not also endorse a deity that is literally king of sin? Well regardless of all this banter I believe I have the right to call myself whatever I please regardless of my actual religious orientation. So I am a satanist, and you should stop trying to make distinctions between people who all worship in the name of satan, after all I bet he dosnt appriciate it.
P.S. I know I can't spell but jam it up your ass if you don't like it.
P.P.S. I truelly would like you to reply simply because i really have nothing but texts and my spirit guides in practice actual human interface my help me in my journey on the left hand path.


As I mentioned before here, I don't beleive in a god or satan so I guess I am a satanist.
Just a little food for thought. People pray to god for things such as asking to pass and exam, or let there be an item in the sale that they want. Then when it happens they thank god. Well this same god who grants these simple things can't even snap his fingers and stop an earthquake which kills thousands.
He is supposed to be god the father, if he was a human father he would have his children taken away.
Lets face it even if there were a god he has forgot about this planet and his little experiment.
Anyway a great majority of the people killed in the tsunami were muslims, surely they should be rejoicing, their god caused their deaths so now they are with him, so whats the problem.
Bye for now

dumb fuck

have you ever heard of natural events its happened sinse the beginning of time. your about as smart as a box full of souless chicken fuckers. get a fucken life. someone needs to beat the fear of god back into you maggot infested bloody tampon.

Re: dumb fuck (Anonymous) Expand
Re: dumb fuck (Anonymous) Expand

wtf this site is fuckin messed up

wut the hell you people think your all cool cuz you worship the devil, umm yea thats messed up

Re: wtf this site is fuckin messed up

that is soooo a christian talkin,u dont agree so u dont even TRY 2 understand, see it from the point of veiw of a satanist, then judge, but not b4.

If god exists then he is a fucking sadistic bastard

If god exists he is obviously a fucking sadistic bastard who does not give a shit about all the idiots who worship him. So even if somebody proved to me god exists then there is no way I would even piss on him/it if it was on fire let alone worship him.
Bye the way my hobby is destroying bibles, so far I have managed 146.

Re: If god exists then he is a fucking sadistic bastard

wtf? your an idiot. read what you just wrote. You claim god is sadistic bastard he doesn't give a shit? please tell me, what did satin do for you?

I think both sides are fucked up personally.

I dont believe in God, im a 14year old girl and people think Im a phsyco. just because I think Gods existance was just some dudes sat down and wrote a load of crap and everyone wanted it to be real so believe it. yer maybe there is some force of good just to balance it out but not a God like my mates think, one man controlling the world, thats all crap. The devil makes sense to me because he punishes, people like murderers he murders. it makes sense. The devil rulz man.

im questioning alot of things at the moment, including the existance of God and the Devil, plz can someone help me understand, my head iz messed up nd i want it sorted, who do i ask 4 help, God or Satan????????


Firstly and obviously God created satan, yeh, but he was an angel which turned bad, so whos on the higher level? GOD obviously how can the creation have power over the creator lol, simple u ask god for help, ok so wat is satan, everyone know, hes bad, lier, evil, harms u etc, wat is god, truth, the almighty, the light ect, so i dont know why ppl are confused about this its just commen sence, look reply to me i want to know wat u think and make ur subject to me "JC THIS IS MY REPLY" ok thanks.

LOOK TO GOD (Anonymous) Expand
real kickass site u got, bt dont u get sick of ppl havin a go at u coz of ur belief... i wana no why u guys put up wit it all. id wana kick the sods in. also, what makes u believ in satan nd God, nd stuff, i mean, why not just get on wit life, why do u worship satan. im not tryin 2 hav a go, im just interested, coz i dont believ in any of it, i think its all shit, contact me, im on msn most nites, clair@kenstow.demon.co.uk thanxs, love nd respect from clair

I think your views are obviously well thought of and considered but surely you must also feel a love of other people such as your parents or a girlfriend and other people close to you. I believe that there is a good side and a bad side to everyone and whether these sides are named god or satan is irelevant. To embrace hatred and evil is an easier option than to embrace love and kindness. Wouldnt you want to leave this earth knowing that you did a lot of loving and giving things than being selfish and downhearted. I would love to hear your reply. Thankyou love amy x

i like your thoughts amy, i think i'm like you, i believe in good and bad but i really dont believe in god or satan, id like 2 discuss your views with you, if you have msn, my address is clair@kenstow.demon.co.uk plz get in touch, love clair


Notice the people that believe in god are the first to make fun or insult you... I enjoyed reading what you had wrote i am at a point where i want to under stand things and i found you little essay time well spent.

i wanted to ask something

You have said that: "beliefs in God are self-contradictory and silly". Well if you have recently heard that even after 1423 years the religion of islam and the qu'ran has still not failed...it has still got no contradiction. not a single verse has been spotted to even do so. I am not arguing against your beleif. Everything in islam has been proven by scientist logic theory and space science. not a single one has failed yet. u can argue with wat i tell u but its definate i wud wiin the argument. can u reply and plz im not starting an argument or anything. i just want to know how u feel to know wat ive told u. and i did prove u rong about wat u have said. lol BYE

Religios nuts

Have any of you dumbfuck christian or any religios maggots ever died and come back- if not then shut yer pieholes and quit preaching yer salvation crap!!Religion holds me back, satan sets me free to do whatever pleasure I may so desire!!Devil worship is for the thinking person, but religios crap is for the numbnut maggots- I represent the left hand and fuck y'all bible fuckers, or any religous toilet paper shitters!!

Once a marine, always a marine!

Re: Religios nuts

IM A CHRISTIAN AND PROUD OF IT AS WELL , U CAN THINK WHAT U THINK ,one day your gona be so sorry , u have no idea how evil this website is, and all u can do is swear at religious people!the devil only wants to kill you and turn you against god , please repent!

I wonder

Sigh, you do not realise do you. All of you satin worships allow me to tell you something in response to this

"Religion holds me back, satan sets me free to do whatever pleasure I may so desire!!Devil worship is for the thinking person, but religios crap is for the numbnut maggots- I represent the left hand and fuck y'all bible fuckers, or any religous toilet paper shitters!!"

Now you say here that "religion holds me back satin sets me free to do whatever please i may so desire" this is incredibly odd because if you believe religion holds you back, well of course it does everyone in society knows that hence the purpose of it. If there was no religion to go by the world would have been screwed over by now. So i ask why is it if you believe religion is restraining you then why do u not simply become an atheist or the sort. That way u believe in no religion and are not restrained by anything except perhaps society and your own conscience. So why, why jump from one faith to another to avoid restraints, while you can simply not believe in any. And last but not least how is devil worship for the thinking person?

Re: I wonder

I agree with most of your post but I can't help but laugh at this...

"If there was no religion to go by the world would have been screwed over by now"


I am searching and studing on religions & i wanted to get some info about yours so could you send me films tapes.....or any thing necessary (i said im not worshipping devil but i like to know about it plz help!)this is my mail:mpost54@yahoo.com

Come forth, oh great spawn of the abyss- decent comment

You’ve created a website that is worth while, also has the potential of educating the ignorant. I’m a atheist, but I must say I respect Satan worship, very interesting religion with many sub cultures/religions hanging of this one. If i had to go with a religion it would be satan worship. And yes, people moking this religion should reconsider; Christians, Catholics, Muslims have resorted to violence to provoke thier religion in people. Have those people worshipping satan bring this much trouble over our world community??????. My point made.

Hope for the best
Richie c


Re: Come forth, oh great spawn of the abyss- decent comment

Hi i am a hard core Catholic. And i would just like to say that Catholics chose violence in the past for conversion, but not anymore. You really need to sit down and listen to someone from the Christian religion. We could really teach you a thing or too. And you could also give us your points. Don't believe everyone who says they are a Christian because many so called Christian's dont act like lovers of God at all. Don't be quick to judge.