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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Magic and Ritual in Satanism

"Introduction to Satanic Ritual and Magic" by Vexen Crabtree (2002)




dont be stupuid and stop being a kid go to school

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lost causes

prove your claims, or shut up and disappear.

I can't believe this

What has the world come to. I am sure that you people are decent people, but your beliefs is just wrong. There is so many proofs of God, and you people are just to ignorant to accept this. I think it is a good idea to change your ways or you will feel the torment of hell. You still have a chance to ask forgiveness to God because God is merciful. Please do not try to advertise for this religion of yours because it is the wrong path.

Re: I can't believe this

Proofs of god?? Would you like to tell us one just as an example?

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I want to become a Satanist.

I am 11...and I have read some of the esseys and reports but its too complicated some of it. SO I was wondering if someone could giveme a easy version or tell me about it or something.

Re: I want to become a Satanist.

i think ur a load of crap your only young don mess yor life up by going through the wrong and stupid path of satanism

Your all freaks!!

You are all freaks, and it is scary to think that you have influence over impressionable children! Keep it to yourselves and really think about what you are doing!

Re: Your all freaks!!

they are NOT freaks.

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what is sartanism is their any proof of your so called stupid god what has he ever done for you that is actually someing good who ever beleives in this religion your wrong. you only have 1 chance in life and when u die u will regret wat u did and there no way that the true and greates god of all ALLAH will for give you (never) so sort ur selfs out NOW

I like your style

amen to that!

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The use of magic in a ritual

Satanic Magic and rituals, as a whole, are to be used for the use of ones own personal gratitude. Looking back at all the stigmata that I have been subject to, merely for embracing the fact that I am a human and that i am subject to animal desires, i have set in... sand (for nothing is set in stone, and sand is forever shifting) a conclusion that i have had for a very long time; What people do not understand, they either mock or fear, and if they do mock it, it is brought about by their own fear of what they dont understand. This is a simple, if somewhat un-original, theology. But it is true. I do practice the dark arts, and i have been granted a vision of the things to come. that is what i do. In my rituals, i either wish to know what will happen to me in the near future, or i bestow upon the ones that i love a greater strength to help thenm through the day. although what i practice is called 'black magick' i have never cast a spell or ritual that would harm another person. After all this blabbering, i suppose that i should make a point; black magick isnt necessarily evil, and although from the name people think it is, it is a mere way for people to reach their own personal gratification. Dont be afraid. I dont bite

just wondering...

ok i got an im that said that in the 1930's a little girl was killed by a homoscidal maniac and as he killed her he said a satanic chant "sama te balistat". this message also said that the girl will appear on your ceiling and suffocate u as u sleep just as she was.


for your consideration.


i want to have the copy of modren witchcraft why your so fuck i dont like the way you deliver the words ok!
FUCK YOU SATANISM do you understand me i said putangina nyo! hayop kyo! walang magawa sa life! putangina nyo mga satanism!


Okay, I posted this previously in the wrong place.

Why do you call yourself a Satanist? Use of this term implies the existence of God. But it seemed from your site that you prefer to believe God does not exist. Now God is a general term, but if you use the word Satan, then you make an indirect reference to the "Christian" God.

But that is neither here nor there. You writings have much to do with the conflict between good and evil. Actually, the great struggle, from a Christian point of view is not "good vs evil." It is "life vs. death." Would not a true Satanist then be an advocate of death. Death, and ultimately the destruction of all things living would be your goal. That would make you an anarchist. By they way, given this precept, one would assume, the more death and destruction one caused by the end of his or her life, the greater their position would be in the Kingdom of Satan. Of course, the truly great would also endure much pain and suffering and finally die a horrific death.

For a person to submit to such a great and painful sacrifice to the end of their life must surely expect great things from Satan himself.

Now you call yourself a Satanist, which implies the Satan existing in opposition to the Christ of God. This Satan is called the Father of lies. What assurance do you have that you are not being deceived?

What is my point in all this? Why not just call yourself and Anarchist?

Please enlightem me if I have misunderstood something about your religion.

Law 9: Do not harm the little children?

C'mon. That does not sound like a Satanist? Wouldn't you rather say, convert the little children. Corrupt them with destructive morals. Is the goal of Satanism death and destruction or the preservation and empowerment of the self? If it is the preservation and empowerment of the self, well that's just another "New Age" religion.

What is the point of invoking the name of Satan? I'm confused. Please define who Satan is. This is important. If the Satan you are referring to is the one in opposition to Christ, then there are many things deficient in your religion related to principles of human living and the church-life in the Church of Satan. There's is much more that could be said on this matter, but you have to define who Satan is first.

Please do so.

Re: Law 9: Do not harm the little children?

I know this is a couple of years too late but I have to speak (or write) on this. Satan is not a name, it is a title the word "Satan" is an aramaic word meaning Enemy, Lucifer is his name. secondly the reason the RULE does not sound to you like a satanic rule is because all you Bible-thumping fucks out there have this preconcieved notion that satanism isn't anything but kill kill kill that is not us your god is the one that demanded blood sacrifices from his followers even asking a man to kill his own son

My title is Sinner and if any of you want to reach me you can do so at the following

"Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!"

This might be true if people like Martin Luther King and Gandhi did not prove otherwise.

You might argue that Mr. King died at the hands of a murderer as a reward for his kindness; but the bigger picture is that he contributed to the advancement of others.

The logic of Satanism is that you should do unto others what you will so long as it serves the preservation of your self.

This is like taking the Christian ideal for half it's weight. For Christ said that those who wish to be great should become servants, For God will humble the proud and lift up the humble.

Now Law 1 says not to give opinions or advice unless you are asked. The nature of your explanation here is humility. That is a virtue of God. Satins first sin was pride.

If you are humble, you are not of Satan. Now as for satanic statement four, Kindness is not of Satan. It is a virtue of God.

We are not talking about the difference between good and evil. Humility and Goodness are characteristics of life. Now these qualities also come from love. The humility and goodness we experience in live is borne by an element of love. Yes, as men created in the image of God we have the ability to love. And from this ability many things such as kindness and humility come forth.

If you are a Satanist, then, and you exist in opposition to God, you resisting the very God from whom you inherited your virtues. Without God, then, you are nothing.

Once again, do not call yourself a Satanist. I think the word Anarchist suits this religion much more conveniently.

Now I'm not trying to be argumentative. That's not even my goal. I'm just offering input. But as I said before, these arguments all depend on whom you are calling Satan. Should you not really be using another word beside Satanist?

OH yee of little faith!

IT is'nt all about god! it's about nature and energies how can you make such bold statements? have you not read the satanic bible? it's about us tuning into our animalistic selves what's wrong with having and indulging in our desires? we only live once right? why constantly deny ourselves gratification? to fear god? and why should we fear such a loving compassionate deity? I have set in the christian pews and listened to thier laws. do you know how many of us humans have died because of your christian god? I had a penecostal preacher tell me I couldn't recieve the gift of the holy spirit without speaking in tounges?? twisted is that? he would drive to jackpot nevada and gamble hundreds of dollars away but be sure to be in church on see? isn't a sin a sin? no christians really walk the walk it's all a show why not be real?I believe taking anything to the extreme is not productive. I would say read the satanic bible with a open mind and go somewhere were it's quiet and meditate on this shemhamforash! hail satan he awaits you..............deny him not


I can't believe there are people like you that put this stuff on the internet. I think Satanism is extremely wrong, by God's law and by regular day law, and I hope Satan is treating you well these few days we have on earth, because you're going to be in a fiery pit of anguish and pain when you die, and you will be asking yourself "Why didn't I love God instead of the evil one?"

Re: disgusting

what i reckon is very simple u all should mind your own religion do not stomp on other religions unless they attacked u. for my presonal feelings i would say burn the muslims kill christ cuz hes nothing more then a piece of meat hanging down on a fucking cross shaped tree. get a life follow ur own path get ur own religion. and for all you ppl that are satanist and wanne be one u should not discuss it u should read anton lavey's books and aleishter crowley read them then decide if u want to be part of our groups. for god sake i say it the last time mind ur own buisiness and ur own religion we didnt do anything wrong just cuz we hate the goddamn christiansa doesnt mean we cant go and talk to them show respect towards those who deserve it. any1 comming on my path that will be a ain in the ass i will crush them. any1 replying on this better think what u are saying i say nothing but the truth.

do as thy wilst

Excellent site

I've always wanted to say this... your site is excellent, and although I don't agree with you in some points, I always find myself referring people who want to learn more about Satanism to your pages (amongst others).

~Selene, a fellow Satanist

Re: Excellent site



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