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Jogged 3 miles back from work... yay! I stopped jogging for a while because I wasn't sure if it was bad for my back. I'm still not sure, but it might be _good_ as long as I keep good posture while doing it.

And was excited and bouncy whlist going to work too, because I get to walk through a large park with a lake and a cathedral in it, and it was VERY foggy, which is exciting and happy-inspiring.

And I had a productive day at work! My fingers were posessed! Writing code that works all the time, first time round... my mind and fingers are at one with computers.

I'm gradually learning other things at work... like managing our email server. I'm bad at network stuff... I just don't learn as fast or think in quite the right way when in comes to IP numbers, firewalls, networks... all that stuff!

And it's dead lucky because I've been very busy lately! I'm so pleased that Kieran, an ex student and friend from Hertfordshire University who I am training, is naturally productive and keen to keep learning.
Tags: fitness, fog, programming, workmates
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