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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Satanic Power

Read essay online and leave comment here

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To live is to die on an altar of pain for one's mind eye is neboulous to the world that surrounds.
You have cut thru all the bull and gotten to the point, Very good essay.
Thanks for posting it.

ass rapers

hello, i just farted but apart from that i think the ideas that you bring up in ur essay are interesting enough to get my brain flowing. today i was the master of painting my drawers, that means i must be ELITE! yay. im glad. xox, caroline.

use your powers

Hello, Vexen,
I stumbled upon your NUMEROUS pages when trying to order a copy of Schrecks ultimate guide to the left hand path. You have some material out there, I am impressed! Just wanted to say that you come across as an intelligent man with a whole lot to say. Too bad that evangelistical satanists choose to spend so much time on their own personal development and on defending this worship of individuality, people like you could do even more good on this earth when you progress to a higher level and start participating in your community instead of leading an egotistical elitist life. You are about as enlightened as a spiritual seeker can be, now do as an enlightened buddhist would do, come out of the cave/ashram/temple and spread some love!
I wonder what you do for a living, probably it's computer related, but you could be a great teacher, social worker, lecturer, writer (or as in my case, an assistant in a psychiatric ward). Get out of the selfimposed darkness and apply your wealth of knowledge to the average man in your every day environment, not just teenage goths!

Satanist Rosary?


Could someone please tell me if "Satanists" have their own version of the Catholic rosary? Please reply to Creepy_Tree@hotmail.com

Strength of appearance

This all makes for very interesting reading, I myself am not a satanist but in saying that I do not think any less of a satanist than I would a muslim or an atheist for that matter, whatever floats your boat! I would like to offer a friendly word of advice for all you budding young satanists out there. In the interest of your own personal well being it might be best not to take advice on "strength of appearance" from someone who is as physically under developed as Vexen. Vexen advises in his essay that "Smart black cloths, pentagram and cleanliness is an imposing look" this is just laughable, it doesn’t matter how black your clothes are or how many pentagrams you have it won't make you look imposing it in fact does the opposite, when I see someone dressed like that it makes me think that they must be trying to look imposing to make up for a lack of genuine strength and or fighting prowess. I suggest you concentrate on developing your strength and others will notice when they look you in the eye (Vexen made reference to this in his essay also, good form) instead of trying to merely appear to be imposing with black clothes and the like. Where I am from as I am sure it is in many places round the world those who walk around trying to look strong and imposing usually end up on the wrong end of a beating from someone who genuinely is strong. By the way vixen when I look at your photos and I look into your eyes I see a very weak young man who looks like he has never had a fight in his life!

Re: Strength of appearance

WOW, i couldnt have said it better. brought up another good point, Black cloths and pentagrams wont stop you from getting your ass kicked.
he does look kinda pansy, doesnt he.


Reading this makes me know more about myself. Ubermensch. I didn't know there were others like these.

I find much of what you write very engaging and something of a refreshing balm. I don't believe in 'Satan', or if I do, I perhaps have a very different understanding of this to you. To me, much of what you are saying is simply truthful.
Herdism is a vile, cramped prison.


All you people have no clue what your doing. Worshiping satan will only destroy you in life and the after life which is eternal. Life is so short but eternity is everlasting. Constant pain and suffering for ever!!!!! So how long is eternity really? You think sitting in traffic for 5 hours is long? thats only 5 hours taken away from the whole 24 that are in the day. YOU WILL SUFFER FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER IF YOU DONT DROP satan AND SWITCH TO JESUS CHRIST......and thats on the real.

Deciple for JESUS

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