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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Selling Your Soul to Satan

How to Sell Your Soul to Satan

Yes He has a belief and knows that there is a GOD he was casted down from heaven....simpleminded so called chrtistan wanabe. Just cause you have a belief doesn't mean you believe. Take me for instance i believe In my GOD ALL HAIL SATAN!!! the god you speak of is unheard of. If he is tell him to grant you a wish of anykind and see if it comes true.....keep your thoughts in your head because if you don't then you never know what might come out of your mouth incompitant prick. BYE

I want sell my soul for fame and money help


first let me say i want in....meaning what i dont want in this word is whats coming to me daily....im tired,depressed,lonley,ashamed,angry at god for allowing such misery n my life...i pretend to b someone im not i want fame i want power i dont ever want to go back 2 jail....i want to live free and happy n this life and im willing 2 do anything at this point 2 get that....whats your recomadations or can u give me pointer if anyone is out there help me i WANT IN!!SELL MY SOUL FOR FAME MONEY POWER AND STAY OUTTA JAIL UNTIL MY TIME IS UP CONTACT ME AT RICHIE_SWANSON@YAHOO.COM OR ON FACEBOOK SAME EMAIL..


this is my email on facebook richie_swanson@yahoo.com help please i will repay u n some way if aw goes good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1new mexico

so during the ritual process am i supposed to read whole bible before i start?


I need to informed on what do



Nu uh.

You can't not prove there's no such thing as souls.

Those who are saying that they exist are the ones that need to provide the evidence.

Israel ortiz needs help

I am goin crazyi really need some one to tell me some thing so i can go on i really really wanted to sell my soul to satan but you say its not real so i need some one to tell me how to what i want

Re: Israel ortiz needs help

I can tell you the ways to get what you want.

(1) Work hard.
(2) Study.
(3) Stop trying to find stupid shortcuts like selling your soul.

"it's my life and i'll do what i want" (EB)

"all that lives is born to die; and so i say to you that nothing really matters...." (RP)

"money changes everything" (CL)

satan is real and so are demos and the souls of dead people

I have been visited by the souls of dead people in my bead since I was 24 once in 1989 I was attack by something that looked like a red demon,it was outside my windo, then it climb in the roof and jump un me holding me down and shaking my bead that, certainly was a very heavy round bed,another time I was visited by a very beautifull girl covered in transparent silk and totally sexy I could see all her naked body thrughout the silk, I try to catch her with the blanket and I saw her vanish as I thrugh my blanket on her,I had dark demons kik and bite me.All this was a painfull experience that ended when I tatoo a pentagram in my shoulder,Im sure that satan exist i have no dout,so don't be cought by surprise becouse he is real remember I told you Eliecer

RE: satan is real and so are demos and the souls of dead people

Contact me jxaxforever1985@gmail.com

wat up

i wana sell my soul for lust and power and fame i wana be ablee to jss look at women with big bottty and make them do what i say like get naked and make em fuk i want fame for money to by stuff like kars and otha stuff nd the power to get watea i desire satan im ready to worship you text me 2144061528 or inbox me on f.b


i wana sell my soul for sex lust and power and i wish to loook kindof like bossie satan im ready text me 2144061528 foril im ready to worship you but i wana get what i desire rite now satan i summon you rite now

Selling your soul, satan exists

You are one of those people, most likely a christian church lover that never stopped sucking on the pope's cock. SATAN IS REAL!!! I sold my soul about a year back when i was at my lowest point and did not have a cent in my bank account. Everyday for a month i summoned satan and was about to give up when finally at the last attempt half way through the ritual (ritual is similar to Dr Faust) i felt something strange. Smoke began to appear from thin air and i expected some crazy fireworks but poof a being appeared, his nail were long and yellow, his skin was orange, he had a piece of paper, a feather and asked me to write out the contract. He took his nail and pricked my ring finger and dripped blood into the ink, i wrote what i wanted and for how long plus some other stipulations. The deal was excepted and he turned me around, lifted my shirt and burnt in a satanic symbol of ownership behind my left shoulder. I am now a multi billionaire, and have everything i want, i keep myself undercover so as not to attract attention. If still dont believe me, place a coment, i will come and speak to you personally.

illuminati help

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