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Great idea from kytheraen:

A. Apoptygma Berzerk > Starsign
B. Beyond > Latency
C. Converter > Spirit Shield
D. Diamanda Galas > The Litanies of Satan
E. Electric Hellfire Club > Book of Lies
F. Flesh Field > Silicon Skies
G. Genesis > Entangled
H. Hungry Lucy > Cover Me
I. Icon of Coil > Access and Amplify
J. Jacky Cheung > No!
K. Kirlian Camera > The Desert Inside
L. Limbonic Art > Dynasty of Death
M. Metallica > Bleeding Me
N. Nekromantic > Shift the fulcrum
O. OMD > Telegraph
P. Pantera > Cemetary Gates
Q. Queen > Who wants to live forever
R. Razed In Black > Overflow
S. Sisters of Mercy > Temple of Love
T. Therapy > Bowels of Love
U. Ultraviolence > Killing God
V. VNV Nation > Carbon
W. Wumpscut > War
X. X marks the pedwalk > Turn of the tide
Y. er.... Yazz and the plastic population > the only way is up
Z. Zero le crash > Last Year's Wife

I can only think of that band beginning with Y!
Tags: alternative, livejournal memes, music
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