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Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree
9 February 1975
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    About how I use LiveJournal! And my friends policy, etc! A disclaimer of sorts.


    I am a an ex-computer programmer and an out-of-date geek, a philosopher, aggressive atheist, secularist and fierce academic.

    "Anything that we scientists can do to
    weaken the hold of religion should
    be done and may in the end be our
    greatest contribution to civilization."
    -- Dr. Weinberg

    :wumpscut:, activism, affection, albert camus, alternative music, anti-religion, anton lavey, ants, atheism, babylon 5, baphomet method, beautiful south, belial, beyond, big boots, black, black metal, blasphemy, camden, camden town, cantonese, caring, cats, chess, chinese, chocolate, christianity, church of satan, clubbing, computers, covenant, creativity, cuddling, cults, cyber goth, dance meditation, dancing, darkness, death, debating, demons, devils, doubt, e nomine, ebm, electric hellfire club, elitism, enlightenment, epistemology, evil, existentialism, female, female masturbation, fitness, flesh field, freedom from religion, furry, goth, goths, happiness, health, hellraiser, hong kong, horror, hr giger, hugs, humanism, individualism, individuality, indulgence, industrial, industrial noise, inkubus sukkubus, insanity, intellectual conversation, intelligence, intimacy, john wyndham, knowledge, lavey, left hand path, leviathan, london, love, loving, lucifer, marc almond, masturbation, materialism, maths, meditation, metallica, misanthropy, monotheism, music, mythology, nietzsche, nihilism, noise, noise music, occultism, orgasm, pantheism, people watching, pet shop boys, philosophy, pinhead, politics, poly, polyamory, power, power noise, psychology, religion, richard dawkins, satan, satanism, self development, sensuality, sex, sexuality, sisters of mercy, sleep deprivation, slimelight, social change, sociology, solipsism, spirituality, strength, subcultures, subjectivism, survivalism, surviving, techno, the church of satan, the dev, the future, theism, theodicy, theology, tristania, uk, ultraviolence, vampires, vexen, vnv nation, wumpscut

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